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NOUN   an E number | E numbers
E-Nummern {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'E-numbers' von Englisch nach Deutsch

E-Nummern {pl}FoodInd.
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  • No additives, E numbers or GM products. Plum Baby Organics prepared baby food was more nutritious when compared to other brands due to quinoa added for texture.
  • When used in food products, carrageenan has the EU additive E numbers E407 or E407a when present as "processed eucheuma seaweed".
  • Gates presented BBC One's "Food Factory". He wrote and presented the BBC Two series "E Numbers: An Edible Adventure", "Full On Food" and the BBC Four series "Feasts".
  • The band continued for another 18 months under the name "the studs" with new frontman and vocalist Steve "Bertie" Burton ( "Starfighters" the E numbers, vincent flatts final drive) Eddie Zipps continued to write the songs and play guitar in the band.
  • In Europe, pectins are differentiated into the E numbers E440(i) for non-amidated pectins and E440(ii) for amidated pectins.

  • E numbers are all prefixed by "E", but countries outside Europe use only the number, whether the additive is approved in Europe or not.
  • MCG first established its website in 2000 to educate Muslims throughout the world about the Halal status of food ingredients, E-numbers and food products.
  • Their E numbers are included in the following lists in parentheses.
  • The E numbers are used most often. Roads that are (part of) a ring road around a town or city are mostly indicated by an R number.
  • Tree recorded five 10" records for the Gramophone Company (afterwards HMV, couplings as E numbers) in 1906.

  • e. numbers issued by the government) on how many people emigrated from Czechoslovakia and "illegal refugee” statistics published by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).
  • Tizer was re-branded with the slogan "Original Great Taste" and a classic recipe with fewer additives and no E numbers.
  • While cycling one morning, vocalist John Baillie Jnr found a busker playing saxophone and invited him to the studio to play on the album, he can be heard at the intro to E Numbers and the outro of Think and Feel.
  • Belgian highways are indicated by the letter "A" and a European number, with E numbers being used most often.
  • INS numbers generally correspond to E numbers for the same compound, e.g.

  • The leaflet listed a number of safe food additives with their E numbers as alleged carcinogens.
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