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end-to-end {adj} <E2E>
end-to-end- / End-to-End- <E2E>
end-to-end {adj} <E2E>
nahtlos [lückenlos, end-to-end-]
end-to-end {adj} <E2E>
lückenlos [durchgängig, end-to-end-]
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  • end-to-end- / End-to-End- <E2E> = end-to-end <E2E>
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  • EMV Certification requires acceptance of a 19-digit Visa card (ADVT 6.1.1 Test Case 2) and Discover Card (E2E Test Plan v1.3, Test Case 06).
  • Consequently, the setup is referred to as end-to-end (E2E) quality testing.
  • End-to-end auditable or end-to-end voter verifiable (E2E) systems are voting systems with stringent integrity properties and strong tamper resistance.
  • The system is voter-verifiable, provides an end-to-end (E2E) audit mechanism, and issues a ballot receipt to each voter.
  • The Stellaris and Tiva families, in particular, provide a high level of community-based, open source support through the TI e2e forums.

  • ThreeBallot is an end-to-end (E2E) auditable voting system that can in principle be implemented on paper.
  • An E2E voting system called Scantegrity II uses invisible ink to enable the voter to obtain a confirmation code only for the voted selection.
  • Direct Recording Electronic with Integrity and Enforced Privacy (DRE-ip) is an End-to-End (E2E) verifiable e-voting system without involving any tallying authorities, proposed by Siamak Shahandashti and Feng Hao in 2016.
  • The popular free email client "Thunderbird" refuses to adopt the standard and its whole approach of fully automated E2E email encryption.
  • E2E is an alternative to direct application to application integration (A2A), though some A2A can be classified as E2E.

  • The Speedtwin E2E Comet 1, originally named the Phillips ST1 Speedtwin, is a two-seat, twin engined aircraft designed in the UK to be capable of aerobatics and the only civil twin certified for intentional spinning.
  • Parikrma also believes in an end-to-end (e2e) model in which they look after a child from kindergarten until they are placed in a job, ensuring that they break out of a cycle of poverty, which they call completing "the Circle of Life."
  • E2E FC is only possible for connection-oriented communication, but at present UniPro's L4 does not support alternative options.
  • to fund further rollout of E2E [...] we have now commenced an extensive review of the viability and potential for the rollout of an e2e postal delivery service in the UK".
  • As an International Trade & Business Processes Group (TBG), TBG5 is the working group specializing in the Finance Domain its mission is to enable end-to-end straight-through processing (End to End (E2E) Straight Through Processing (STP) of financial services data and to establish standards and requirements for the exchange of such data.

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