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earnings­ {pl} before tax <EBT>
Vorsteuerergebnis {n}
earnings­ {pl} before taxes <EBT>
Vorsteuergewinn {m}
earnings­ {pl} before taxes <EBT>
Gewinn {m} vor Steuern
earnings­ {pl} before taxes <EBT>
Ergebnis {n} vor Steuern <EvS>
electron beam tomography <EBT>
Elektronenstrahltomografie {f} <EBT>
electron beam tomography <EBT>
Elektronenstrahltomographie {f} <EBT>
electron beam tube <EBT>
Elektronenstrahlröhre {f} <ESR>
electron-beam therapy <EBT>
Elektronenstrahltherapie {f}
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  • Elektronenstrahlcomputertomographie {f} <EBCT, EBT> = electron beam computed tomography <EBCT>
  • Elektronenstrahltomografie {f} <EBT> = electron beam tomography <EBT>
  • Elektronenstrahltomographie {f} <EBT> = electron beam tomography <EBT>
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  • The EBT Masters is played at a different host centre each year, usually before/after the EBT event in the same location.
  • He was the EBT ranking champion for three consecutive years from 2007 to 2009, he also won the rankings 2011.
  • Note: EBT INC is the operator of Suffolk County Transit Buses, EBT INC is the sister company of Educational Bus Transportation (a school bus company).
  • The EBT maintained a large dual-gauge yard and coal cleaning plant in Mount Union and supplied coal to the Refractory plants.
  • The 2007 English Open will take place from the 5th to 9 December, and is the 18th and final stop in the 2007 European Bowling Tour (EBT).

  • Moor has 17 EBT titles to his name, since 2004. This puts him top of the all-time list of EBT titles.
  • Since 2008, a single development company has taken the lead on continued development, support and sales of EBT imaging products.
  • Numerous sutra quotations by authors of Sautrantika treatises are also a source of EBT fragments.
  • State agencies work with contractors to procure their own EBT systems for delivery of SNAP and other state-administered benefit programs.
  • EBT was next a major topic of discussion at a 2010 workshop held at Johns Hopkins University on 21st century validation for 21st century methods.

  • Rangers then entered a dispute with HMRC, known informally as the 'big tax case', regarding their use of employee benefit trusts (EBT) between 2001 and 2010.
  • "My EBT" is a 2011 hip-hop song performed by Stanley Lafleur under the alias "Mr.
  • In his first term, Daudt proposed major reforms to Minnesota's welfare system including crackdowns on out-of-state use of EBT cards, limits on monthly cash benefit withdrawals, and eligibility disqualifications for individuals who purchase alcohol or tobacco using an EBT card.
  • Euro banknotes and coins were put into circulation on 1 January 2002 and EBT has been tracking notes since then.
  • The founder of EBT is Juan S. Mendez. Mendez was the deputy chair of the foreign language, technology coordinator, and ASPIRA founder at Stuyvesant High School before opening EBT with the help of Yvette Wharton and Hipolito Fernandez; the latter two currently function as assistant principals at EBT.

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