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electron-beam welding <EBW>
Elektronenstrahlschweißen {n} <ESS>
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Übersetzung für 'EBW' von Englisch nach Deutsch

electron-beam welding <EBW>
Elektronenstrahlschweißen {n} <ESS>tech.
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  • EBW is an acronym for Electron Bernstein Wave and is named after the plasma physicist, Ira Bernstein.
  • In addition to firing very quickly when properly activated, EBW detonators are safe from stray static electricity and other electric current.
  • Electron-beam welding is a major application of plasma windows, making EBW practical outside a hard vacuum.
  • Electron-beam welding (EBW) is a fusion welding process in which a beam of high-velocity electrons is applied to two materials to be joined.
  • The Goldak model has been shown to agree well with experimental results on thick section submerged arc weld (SAW) on steel plate, partial penetration electron beam weld (EBW) on steel plate, and gas tungsten arc weld (GTAW) on thin austenitic stainless steel plate.

  • A few of these classes were acquired by private companies including EBW, others are in museums.
  • Epic Burgers and Waffles (EBW) introduced their doughnut cheeseburger to the 2011 Canadian National Exhibition; they were inspired after seeing it at fairs in the Southern United States and noting its popularity at the Calgary Stampede the month before.
  • Some of the available vertical screen scroll centrifuges are CMI model EBR and CMI model EBW which are manufactured by Centrifugal & Mechanical Industries (CMI).
  • This accounts for the heavy cables seen in photos of the Trinity "Gadget"; high voltage cable requires good insulation and they had to deliver a large current with little voltage drop, lest the EBW not achieve the phase transition quickly enough.
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