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electron impact ionization <EII>
Elektronenstoßionisation {f}
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Übersetzung für 'EII' von Englisch nach Deutsch

electron impact ionization <EII>
Elektronenstoßionisation {f}phys.
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  • Although most U.S. airports use the same three-letter location identifier for the FAA and IATA, this airport is assigned EII by the FAA and EGX by the IATA. The airport's ICAO identifier is PAII.
  • "Suzaku" (formerly ASTRO-EII) was an X-ray astronomy satellite developed jointly by the Institute of Space and Aeronautical Science at JAXA and NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center to probe high energy X-ray sources, such as supernova explosions, black holes and galactic clusters.
  • The phosphoryl group is transferred to the Enzyme E I (EI), Histidine Protein (HPr, Heat-stable Protein) and Enzyme E II (EII) to a conserved histidine residue, whereas in the Enzyme E II B (EIIB) the phosphoryl group is usually transferred to a cysteine residue and rarely to a histidine.
  • Enterprise information integration (EII) is the ability to support an unified view of data and information for an entire organization.
  • The sample rate and therefore the pitch is variable, like the Fairlight and E-mu EII and other earlier samples, via the 8 separate DACs - variable pitch via sample clock rate change.

  • Shoal Creek’s water quality is rated as fair on the City’s Environmental Integrity Index (EII).
  • Armenian Environmental Network (AEN), a project of Earth Island Institute (EII), is a non-profit organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. United States, with an office in Yerevan, Armenia.
  • "Afa eii ma drikulu" (The owner has a big head): The owner has the biggest say in what to do with his property.
  • One very effective measure used by numerous environmental programs is the Environmental Indicators Initiative (EII) which was developed in 2001 to help the EPA in improving their reporting on the standing and tendencies of environmental conditions.
  • To celebrate the ten-year anniversary of their final gig, the last line-up of EII undertook a series of reunion gigs in 2009.

  • It featured 8 notes polyphony, 8-bit sampling, 512kb of RAM (1mb in the EII+ though only accessible as two independent 512kb banks), an 8-track sequencer, and analog filtering.
  • Some EII offer co-processing as a sustainable waste management service.
  • In that respect, it is similar to Enterprise Information Integration (EII) with the added benefit that the shared models are not described in technical terms but in a way that is easily understood by the business.
  • Earth Island Institute receives donations from the companies it verifies; and EII has never had an external scientific audit of its labeling program, a best practice for eco-labels.
  • The EII' ("NylB, [...]) protein is about 100x times less efficient compared to EII.

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