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Eburonen {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'Eburones' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Eburonen {pl}hist.
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  • Discontent among the subjugated Gauls prompted a major uprising amongst the Belgae against Julius Caesar in the winter of 54–53 BC, when the Eburones of north-eastern Gaul rose in rebellion under their leader Ambiorix.
  • The Paemani dwelled in the northern part of the Ardennes and Eifel region, between the Rhône and the Meuse river, near the Caerosi in the south, the Eburones in the north, and the Tungri and Atuatuci in the west.
  • Denying that he was motivated by fear, he said that he believed that Caesar was on his way to Italy, that the Germans were about to add to the number of the besieging Eburones and that it seemed that they were about to face the combined wrath of grudge-ridden Germans and Gauls, as surely the militarily weak Eburones would not dare face a Roman legion otherwise.
  • A Germanic tribe known as the Eburones had originally inhabited the present-day Cologne Lowland.
  • Following the disappearance of the Atuatuci and Eburones from written records after the mid-first century BC (Caesar), the area was settled by the Tungri, who were mentioned one century later by Pliny the Elder.

  • The area of Düren was part of Gallia Belgica, more specifically the territory of the Eburones, a people who were described as both Belgae and Germani.
  • When Caesar defeated the Eburones, he invited all of the peoples that were interested to destroy the remainder.
  • The Eburones played a major role in Julius Caesar's account of his "Gallic Wars", as the most important tribe within the "Germani cisrhenani" group of tribes — "Germani" living west of the Rhine amongst the Belgae.
  • Caesar mentions that the Segni and the Condrusi lived between the Treveri and the Eburones, and that the Condrusii and Eburones were clients of the Treveri.
  • The Eburones had a fort called "Atuatuca" (or "Aduatuca").

  • The most important in his battles were the Eburones.
  • "Ladda eburones" is a species of butterfly in the family Hesperiidae. It is found in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia.
  • The Ubii, were in the north, the region of the Eburones, and became the people of the region of Cologne and Bonn during Roman imperial times.
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