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Einsteinian {adj}einsteinsch
Einsteinian physics [treated as sg.]
einsteinsche Physik {f}
Einsteinian physics [treated as sg.]
Einstein'sche Physik {f}
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  • Bucherer (1906) was the first who used — during some critical remarks on Einstein's theory — the expression "Einsteinian relativity theory / theory of relativity" ("Einsteinsche Relativitätstheorie").
  • Presentism is compatible with Galilean relativity, in which time is independent of space, but is probably incompatible with Lorentzian/Albert Einsteinian relativity in conjunction with certain other philosophical theses that many find uncontroversial.
  • Assume t = Einsteinian time and reject Newtonian time.
  • In Project Far Star, Prof Spaghetti voices his concern about defeating the forces of Einsteinian space-time, "going out young and coming back old".
  • The solitary wave solutions proposed by Alcubierre for the Einsteinian field equations may possibly prove general relativity consistent with the experimentally verified non-locality of quantum mechanics.

  • coordinate is privileged, but in Einsteinian relativity it is not.
  • The question now becomes: "Is spacetime an Einsteinian abstraction or a physical entity?
  • Three forms of the equivalence principle are in current use: weak (Galilean), Einsteinian, and strong.
  • In pre-Einsteinian Galilean relativity, transformations between frames of reference are shear mappings called Galilean transformations.
  • Quine makes the case that the empirical study of physics has furnished apparently credible grounds for replacing classical logic by quantum logic, rather as Newtonian physics gave way to Einsteinian physics.

  • For this, one has to go to the Einsteinian Unified Field Theory of the Einstein–Maxwell–Dirac system, or more generally, the Einstein–Yang–Mills-Dirac-Higgs System.
  • "Die Grundlagen der Einsteinschen Relativitäts-Theorie" (English: "The Fundamentals of the Einsteinian Relativity Theory") is a 1922 German partly animated documentary film created with the goal of bringing Einstein's theory of relativity to the broad public.
  • First published in 1911 in the monthly review Comœdia then in 1912, Pawlowski produced a new edition in 1923 in which he discussed the implications of Einsteinian physics upon his work.
  • He claimed it was a theory of energy that was "violently opposed" to Einsteinian physics and could be tapped with an apparatus that would be cheap to run and last 500 years.
  • General relativity, the Einsteinian field theory of gravity, has yet to be successfully quantized.

  • The phenomenon is the result of hyperspace being so fundamentally different from normal/'Einsteinian' space that a traveler's senses cannot truly comprehend it, and instead the observer 'sees' a form of nothingness that can be hypnotic and dangerous.
  • Even though the quantum mysteries of light are still not fully understood, it can be slowed to a stop and speeded up beyond its Einsteinian speed limit, 186,000 miles/sec; used for quantum telecommunications; teleported; manipulated to create invisibility; and perhaps used to generate hydrogen fusion power.
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