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SYNO Eyre | Lake Eyre
Lake Eyre
Eyresee {m}
Lake Eyre Basin
Eyreseebecken {n}
Jane Eyre [Robert Stevenson (1943 film)]
Die Waise von Lowood [Film von 1943]
Jane Eyre. An Autobiography [Charlotte Brontë]
Jane Eyre. Eine Autobiographie
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  • Jane Eyre. Eine Autobiographie = Jane Eyre. An Autobiography [Charlotte Brontë]
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  • The 1255 eyre roll for Herefordshire listed Weobley as having its own jury for legal trials at the circuit court.
  • As noted, the word "children" comes from an earlier form "childer". There were formerly a few other words like this: eyre/eyren (eggs), lamber/lambren (lambs), and calver/calveren (calves).
  • In English law, the justices in eyre were the highest magistrates, and presided over the "court of justice-seat", a triennial court held to punish offenders against the forest law and enquire into the state of the forest and its officers ("eyre", meaning "circuit", refers to the movement of the court between the different royal forests).
  • He was appointed Chief Justice in Eyre (i.e. Chief Itinerant justice) in 1308, and was reappointed a justice itinerant in 1310, for County Dublin only (the eyre system was quickly being wound down).
  • The Cobhams were a family of lawyers who worked as circuit judges on the eyre and in local government in various roles such as Sheriff of Kent and Warden of the Cinque Ports.

  • ormsbyi" (Throughout the Murray-Darling drainages), "R. eyrensis" (Lake Eyre Basin), "R.
  • The cantred was used for administrative purposes, with the serjeanty for law enforcement, the eyre for law courts, and collection of scutage and other taxes organised by cantred.
  • The eyre of 1194 was initiated under Hubert Walter's justiciarship to restore royal justice following the anarchy of Prince John's rebellion, begun when Richard I was detained in transit from the Third Crusade.
  • At the forest eyre at Marlborough in 1464, and at the following eyre in 1477, he made wild claims.
  • A number of species were named in Eyre's honor, including "Melanophyllum eyrei" (Massee) Singer, "Basidiodendron eyrei" (Wakef.) Luck-Allen, and "Poria eyrei" Bres.

  • The king's object was to preserve public order, but providing law and order was also extremely profitable–cases on forest use as well as fines and forfeitures can generate "great treasure" for the government. Eyres (a Norman French word for judicial circuit, originating from Latin "iter") are more than just courts; they would supervise local government, raise revenue, investigate crimes, and enforce feudal rights of the king.
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