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SYNO Ezo | Hokkaido | Yezo
Ezo wolf [Canis lupus hattai] [extinct]
Ezo-Wolf {m} [ausgestorben]
Ezo wolf [Canis lupus hattai] [extinct]
Hokkaido-Wolf {m} [ausgestorben]
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  • In the first year of the Kansei Era (1789) the native inhabitants rebelled in Kunashiri and Menashi resulting in the Kansei-Ezo Uprising ("kansei ezo hōki" 寛政蝦夷蜂起) and the deaths of a large number of Japanese people ("wajin" 和人.) It was during this time that Rausu Onsen was discovered.
  • It was formerly known as "Kita Ezo", meaning Northern Ezo (Ezo was the former name for Hokkaido).
  • The Ezo flying squirrel ("Pteromys volans orii") or "Ezo-momonga" (...) is a subspecies of the Siberian flying squirrel.
  • APC candidate Micheal Ohio-Ezo won the election.
  • In 1593, Matsumae Keihiro of the Oyazaki clan was appointed by Toyotomi Hideyoshi as the presiding lord of Ezo, leading the Ando clan to gradually lose control of Ezo.
  • Kumajiro Uehara, an early explorer of Hokkaido, documented in his book "Ezo Place Names and History": "the Ezo (Ainu) from Niigapu to Shirawoi" as the "Shumunkuru".
  • The dominant trees in the region are Ezo spruce "(Picea jezoensis)", Sakhalin fir "(Abies sachalinensis)", and Sakhalin spruce "(Picea glehnii)".
  • Ezo'la is a Japanese animation brand.
  • Ezo's two studio albums, the self-titled "EZO" (1987) and "Fire Fire" (1989) were released in America by Geffen Records, with the first produced by Gene Simmons.
  • In January 2018 ezo-guitars were presented at the NAMM exhibition in LA. Details of the collections can be read on the official exhibition website.
  • "Mizuhopecten yessoensis" (Yesso scallop, giant Ezo scallop) is a species of marine bivalve mollusks in the family Pectinidae, the scallops.
  • After the Battle of Ueno, some surviving Shōgitai fled north, eventually joining the rebels of the Ezo Republic.
  • On the other hand, the populations of Ainu in eastern Ezo (including Chishima (Kuril Islands)) and western Ezo (including Karafuto (Sakhalin)) have been recorded since 1798 and 1810, respectively, and were thus included in the total population of Japan.
  • Ezogelin soup or Ezo gelin soup ([...] , "the soup of Ezo the bride") is a common soup in Turkish cuisine.
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