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SYNO Book of Ezra | Ezra
Esra {m}
(the Book of) Ezra
das Buch {n} Esra
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Übersetzung für 'Ezra' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Esra {m}relig.

(the Book of) Ezra
das Buch {n} Esrabibl.
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  • Ezra is Geth's other half. When Geth was turned into a toothpick, the bad was cut out of him and made into a toothpick that then became Ezra.
  • Nachmanides, in this commentary, often fiercely criticized Rabbi Abraham ibn Ezra, particularly regarding ibn Ezra's negative attitude towards Kabbalah.
  • The crater Abenezra on the Moon was named in honor of Ibn Ezra.
  • She is married to musician Marc Jordan and they have two children together, a son, Ezra and a daughter, Zoe.
  • Rachel Sassoon Ezra (18 May 1877 – 25 January 1952), known as Lady Ezra, was an Indian philanthropist and community leader, a member of the Sassoon family, and wife of banker David Elias Ezra.

  • Fitch street in Kingston, New York, is named for Ezra and his paternal grandfather, Ezra Fitch (1805-1870).
  • The Jewish apocalypse of 4 Ezra is a text contained in the apocryphal book 2 Esdras.
  • Ezra agrees, but Cee, who has been hiding throughout this encounter, ambushes the two hostile prospectors with a rifle - allowing Damon to wrest a weapon from Ezra before taking the latter and his partner hostage.
  • Holbrook gets a call from the NYPD, telling him about Ezra's shooting. Holbrook jumps online and starts looking at Ezra's records.
  • His son were Sir David Ezra and Alfred Ezra.

  • Along with Ezekiel Judah this construction made the other pivotal figures in building the synagogues of Kolkata were the Ezra family, both David Joseph Ezra and his son Elias David Joseph Ezra.
  • "Eulepidotis ezra" is a moth of the family Erebidae first described by Herbert Druce in 1898. It is found in the Neotropics, including Mexico and Costa Rica.
  • Aria tries to cope with the fact that Ezra has a family now and their relationship has changed.
  • Otherwise, however, early Christian citations of the 'Book of Ezra' without qualification commonly denote the alternative Greek translation of Ezra represented by 1 Esdras; so that when early Christian writers talk of 'two books of Ezra', it is 1 Esdras and Ezra–Nehemiah that are being identified, and surviving Old Latin biblical manuscripts include both books in that order as the "first" and "second" books of Ezra.
  • Benezra and Jack Caston got the SBH board's permission to attempt amalgamation with Congregation Ezra Bessaroth; the matter was discussed between the institutions for over half a year without finding a mutually acceptable basis to merge.

  • Abenezra is a lunar impact crater located in the rugged highlands in the south-central section of the Moon.
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