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NOUN   an F adapter | F adapters
F adapter
F-Verbindungs­stück {n}
F minor <f, Fm>
f-Moll {n} <f, Fm>
flame atomic absorption spectrometry <FAAS, F-AAS, F AAS>
Flammen-Atomabsorptionsspektrometrie {f} <F-AAS>
flame atomic absorption spectrometry <FAAS, F-AAS, F AAS>
Flammentechnik {f} [Flammen-Atomabsorptionsspektroskopie]
base fog <B+F, b&f> [base plus fog]
Grundschleier {m}
radiography and fluoroscopy <R&F, R/F>
Röntgen und Durchleuchtung [Radiographie und Fluoroskopie]
base plus fog <B+F, b&f>
Grundschleier {m}
F flat <F♭>
Fes {n} <F♭>
F sharp <F♯>
Fis {n} <F♯>
F major <F>
F-Dur {n} <F>
f-prime of x <f'(x)>
f-Strich von x <f'(x)>
f of x <f(x)>
f von x <f(x)>
F sharp minor <F♯ minor>
fis-Moll {n} <fis, Fism, F♯m>
F sharp major <F♯ major>
Fis-Dur {n} <Fis, F♯>
degree Fahrenheit <degree F, °F>
Grad {m} {n} Fahrenheit <°F>
adapterPaßstück {n} [alt]
adapterBearbeiter {m}
Anpasser {m}
adapterAnpassungs­stück {n}
adapterNetzadapter {m}
adapterZwischenteil {n}
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  • Utilizing the SA-OB bayonet mount (on camera bodies supporting it), Nikon F-mount can be fitted and used via a JTAT mount adapter developed by Kazuo Suzuki, Tachibana Seisakusho.
  • A select few Game Boy games, such as F-1 Race, supported multiplayer modes for up to four players, although this requires the use of up to three additional Game Link cables and the Game Boy Four Player Adapter (model DMG-07).
  • It is necessary to add a polarizing filter of 3 f stops equivalent density (or a neutral density filter,) and this requires an adapter which extends the lens housing beyond the most extreme travel of the zoom lens.
  • Type F cannot be mated with SMA connectors without the use of an adapter.
  • The lens mount is a passive e-mount with Canon EF or Nikon F mount adapter.

  • With an accessory camera adapter, they are 4000mm f/11 to f/8 equivalent.
  • ... That issue of "Astounding" also included a story under the Leinster pseudonym called "Adapter".) The story is particularly noteworthy as a prediction of massively networked personal computers and their drawbacks, written at a time when computing was in its infancy.
  • -inch female adapter NPT", which would have a corresponding male connection of the same size and thread standard (in this case also NPT).
  • Tamron was also responsible for the development of the t2 or T-mount adapter system.
  • 5mm headphone jack adapter provided in the box. The Mi 8 includes a dual camera setup with a 12 MP wide angle lens sensor and a 12 MP telephoto lens sensor.

  • The marching horn is also normally played with a horn mouthpiece (unlike the mellophone, which needs an adapter to fit the horn mouthpiece).
  • 3-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, and it includes a new Multi Interface Shoe that is physically compatible with the ISO 518 standard hot shoe, with electrical contacts for newer Sony shoe-mounted accessories as well as compatibility with the proprietary iISO flash shoe via the ADP-MAA adapter.
  • New features are the new Nano USM and the possibility to connect the Power Zoom Adapter PZ-E1, which allows a soft zoom for video.
  • 6 zoom lens are of the Micro Four Thirds lens mount which means they are smaller than Four Thirds lenses which require an adapter to fit the Micro Four Thirds body.
  • Via an adapter (QM-100) other Nikkor lenses can be fitted.

  • Leavitt's partner Trow was an early adapter of new printing technologies, and among the first to use power presses, then in 1840 a stereotype press as well.
  • All Pentax K-mount auto-focus cameras are backward compatible with K-mount lenses dating back as far as 1975 without need for an adapter.
  • Wide angle and telephoto lens adapters are available from Panasonic.
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