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F layer
Appleton-Schicht {f}
F-Schicht {f}
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Übersetzung für 'F layer' von Englisch nach Deutsch

F layer
Appleton-Schicht {f}meteo.
F-Schicht {f}meteo.
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  • E, F layer ionospheric refraction at night, when D layer absorption weakens.
  • At night the F layer is the only layer of significant ionization present, while the ionization in the E and D layers is extremely low.
  • The usable frequencies change from day to night, because sunlight causes the lowest layer of the ionosphere, called the D layer, to increase, causing attenuation of low frequencies during the day while the maximum usable frequency (MUF) which is the critical frequency of the F layer rises with greater sunlight.
  • The F1 layer is the lower sector of the F layer and exists from about 150 to 220 km (100 to 140 miles) above the surface of the Earth and only during daylight hours.
  • In his pioneering theoretical studies of superconductor-ferromagnet (S-F) multilayer systems he found a damped oscillatory behaviour of the superconducting order parameter in the ferromagnetic layer.
  • During the night, the electron density of the ionospheric E-layer diminishes much more strongly than that of the F-layer.
  • In this way, the OV4-1 pair would evaluate the ionosphere's F layer as method of facilitating HF and VHF transmissions between satellites not in line of sight of each other.
  • The sodium emissions come from a thin sodium layer approximately 10 km thick at an altitude of 90–100 km, above the mesopause and in the D-layer of the ionosphere.
  • Although the concept appeared to offer a solution to the tracking problem, there was almost no information on either the physics of re-entry or a strong understanding of the normal composition of the upper layers of the ionosphere.
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