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F sharp <F♯>
Fis {n} <F♯>
F double sharp <Fx>
Fisis {n}
F sharp major <F♯ major>
Fis-Dur {n} <Fis, F♯>
F sharp minor <F♯ minor>
fis-Moll {n} <fis, Fism, F♯m>
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  • The band put together a chord sequence "in D, E minor and F-sharp minor with a roll from the drums flowing through it".
  • Ferdo Livadić (1799–1879) wrote "Notturno in F-sharp minor" for piano as early as 1822, which is, along with John Field's compositions under the same name, one of the earliest examples of that type of piano miniatures in general.
  • s is in F Sharp. When berthing the vessel, the captain uses a combination of rudder positions and engine movements.
  • Mayfield taught himself how to play guitar, tuning it to the black keys of the piano, giving the guitar an open F-sharp tuning that he used throughout his career.
  • William F. Sharp, in charge of forces on Mindanao naming him as commander of all forces in the Philippines, excepting those on Corregidor and three other islands in Manila Bay.
  • A played note of E or F-sharp has a frequency that is often very close to the natural resonating frequency of the body of the instrument, and if the problem is not addressed this can set the body into near resonance.
  • The bell rings the note F sharp.
  • 16 was once frequently played in Europe, and of his many valuable studies, the Étude in F-sharp major "Si oiseau j'étais", was very popular.
  • The chromatic structures are sometimes surprising, as in the beginning of "La mia doglia s'avanza", whose opening chords move from G minor to F-sharp major then D minor and finally C-sharp major, commencing a series of descending chromatic figures.
  • Another work from the period up to 1940 is the one-movement Symphony No. 21 in F-sharp minor, Op. 51, a compact and mostly lyrical work, very different in harmonic language from the Thirteenth.
  • The track's later shifts to F-sharp minor and A major divide the octave into equal intervals.
  • Looking forward, Hummel stepped into modernity through pieces like his Sonata in F-sharp minor, Op.
  • 10 in F-sharp major by Gustav Mahler was written in the summer of 1910, and was his final composition.
  • , and sounds in nominal F sharp. The smaller bell is the so-called "Ave Maria", weighs [...] , and sounds in C sharp.
  • Sutherland's vocal range extended from G below the staff (G3) to high F (F6), or high F-sharp (F [...] 6), although she never sang this last note in a public performance.
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