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Fréchet derivative <F-derivative>
Fréchet-Ableitung {f} <F-Ableitung>
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  • Newton's method assumes the function "f" to have a continuous derivative.
  • This is the partial derivative of "f" with respect to "y".
  • Given a smooth function between manifolds, "f" : "M" → "N", the derivative is an induced map on tangent bundles, "f"* : "TM" → "TN".
  • Though the YF-16 won the LWF competition, the Navy was skeptical that an aircraft with one engine and narrow landing gear could be easily or economically adapted to carrier service, and refused to adopt an F-16 derivative.
  • Henri Poincaré proved that the map "f" is essentially unique: if "z"0 is an element of "U" and φ is an arbitrary angle, then there exists precisely one "f" as above such that "f"("z"0) = 0 and such that the argument of the derivative of "f" at the point "z"0 is equal to φ.

  • In this situation, the chain rule represents the fact that the derivative of [...] is the composite of the derivative of "f" and the derivative of "g".
  • An exterior derivative of differential forms in differential geometry is an example of such a morphism having degree 1.
  • Even if all partial derivatives "∂f"/"∂x'i"("a") exist at a given point "a", the function need not be continuous there.
  • One immediate application is the definition of the basic concepts of analysis such as the derivative and integral in a direct fashion, without passing via logical complications of multiple quantifiers.
  • The pyrochlore structure is a super structure derivative of the simple fluorite structure (AO2 = A4O8), where the A and B cations are ordered along the [...] direction.

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