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Faber's disease [also: Faber disease]
Faber-Erkrankung {f}
homo faber
Homo faber {m}
flexion, abduction and external rotation test <FABER test> [also: (Patrick's) FABER test]
Patrick-Test {m} [auch: Patrick-Faber-Test] [Vierertest]
Homo Faber: A Report
Homo faber. Ein Bericht [Max Frisch]
Faber maple [Acer fabri]
Fabers Ahorn {m}
Faber's fir [Abies fabri]
Fabers Tanne {f}
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  • Faber-Erkrankung {f} = Faber's disease [also: Faber disease]
  • Homo faber {m} = homo faber
  • Homo Faber [Volker Schlöndorff] = Voyager
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  • His name can be compared with the Old Irish "gobae" ~ "gobann" ‘smith,’ Middle Welsh "gof" ~ "gofein" ‘smith,’ Gallic "gobedbi" ‘with the smiths,’ Latin "faber" ‘smith’ and with the Lithuanian "gabija" ‘sacred home fire’ and Lithuanian "gabus" ‘gifted, clever’.
  • The blacksmith tree frog ("Boana faber"), or smith frog, is a frog species in the family Hylidae.
  • Faberllull (from Latin "faber", 'craftsman', 'worker', 'smith'...) is an arts, sciences and humanities group of residencies located in the city of Olot (Catalonia), Andorra and Palma.
  • Rare insect species as the clouded Apollo, tufted skipper, hermit beetle, European stag beetle, "Ergates faber" live in the park.
  • Faure is an Occitan family name meaning blacksmith, from Latin "faber". It is pronounced differently from the accented surname Fauré, as in Gabriel Fauré, French composer and organist.

  • In 2019, Sonus faber announced the Palladio collection, a brand new range of custom in-wall and in-ceiling speakers for the audiophiles with a desire for a home theatre system.
  • "Deus faber" is the concept of God as a craftsman or an engraver. The belief of a "deus faber" God states that God created the world like a potter.
  • The Chinese barbet ("Psilopogon faber") is a bird in the family Megalaimidae. The species was first described by Robert Swinhoe in 1870. It is endemic to southern China.
  • "Coleocentrus excitator" is a parasitoid wasp in the family Ichneumonidae that parasitizes the long-horned beetle species "Ergates faber".
  • "Xorides filiformis" is a parasitoid wasp in the family Ichneumonidae that parasitizes the long-horned beetle species "Ergates faber".

  • This is a fitting heritage for a town whose name derives from the Latin "faber", "fabricae" ("manufacture").
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