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firebase [also: fire support base <FSB>] <FB>
Artilleriestützpunkt {m}
faecal bacteriotherapy <FB> [Br.]
fäkale Bakterientherapie {f}
fatigue behaviour [Br.] <FB>
Schwingfestigkeit {f} <SF>
fecal bacteriotherapy <FB> [Am.]
fäkale Bakterientherapie {f}
friendship book <FB>Freundschaftsbuch {n}
fast backward <FB> (button) [on tape deck]
Rückspultaste {f}
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  • Fachbericht {m} <FB> [auch bei ISO, IEC] = technical report <TR>
  • Fensterbreite {f} <FB> = window width <WW>
  • Frühbronzezeit {f} <FB, FBZ> = Early Bronze Age <EB, EBA>
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • A fullback (FB) is a position in the offensive backfield in gridiron football, and is one of the two running back positions along with the halfback.
  • CLEO III collected 6 fb−1 of data at the Υ(4S) and another 2 fb−1 below the Υ(4S).
  • The inverse femtobarn (fb−1) is the unit typically used to measure the number of particle collision events per femtobarn of target cross-section, and is the conventional unit for time-integrated luminosity.
  • No atoms of element 119 were identified, implying a limiting cross section of 70 fb.
  • The GSI repeated the experiment with higher sensitivity in three separate runs in April–May 2007, January–March 2008, and September–October 2008, all with negative results, reaching a cross section limit of 90 fb.

  • According to the Köppen climate classification system, Jever is in the classification Cfb. C stands for a warm temperate climate, fb for a humid temperate climate with warm summers.
  • 7. The @, f and b are written last, if b occurs together with @ or f (only if other suffixes are present as well): @b, fb.
  • The sensitivity should be increased to 1 fb in the future for more quality results.
  • The poet has had an artistic dialogue with COVID-19 on Facebook, the screenshots of his fb-posts are published under the title of «COVID-POETRY» in a literary almanac.
  • On November 4, 2022 AV1 was announced with an article on the technology blog, engineering.fb and on the same day a video by Mark Zuckerberg on Instagram Reels was posted which shows AV1 codec compared with H.264/MPEG-4 AVC.

  • Shortly after, Ronnie got a call from the executives at Sony Music saying that his "fb post killed the "Let The Cowboy Rock" single.
  • It is about asking guest artists different questions. LOEN gets the questions from "likers" (subscribers) of its Facebook page (fb.me/1theK).
  • The second data-taking period, Run II, was completed, always at 13 TeV energy, at the end of 2018 with a recorded integrated luminosity of nearly 140 fb−1 (inverse femtobarn).
  • and at {{}rlp|fb} during his NRL career.
  • For "a" and "b" in an arbitrary semigroup "S", "a" ≤J "b" iff there exist "e", "f" idempotents in S1 such that "a" = "be" = "fb".

  • Neither element 119 nor element 120 was observed. This implied a limiting cross section of 65 fb for producing element 119 in these reactions, and 200 fb for element 120.
  • In most modern college and professional football schemes, fullbacks (FB) carry the ball infrequently, instead using their stronger physiques as primary "lead blockers".
  • In 2011, a hint of CP violation in decays of neutral D mesons was reported by the LHCb experiment at CERN using 0.6 fb−1 of Run 1 data.
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