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familial benign pemphigus <FBP>
familiärer gutartiger Pemphigus {m}
fixed book price <FBP> [principle]
Buchpreisbindung {f}
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  • Fruchtblasenprolaps {m} <FBP> = prolapse of (the) amniotic sac <PAS>
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  • The original version of the submachine gun (the FBP m/948) only allowed for fully automatic fire. An upgraded version ( designated FBP m/963) introduced in 1961 also allowed for semi-automatic fire.
  • The question then arises whether FBP components can themselves be expressed using functional notation.
  • The election was seen as a two-horse race. There were only marginal policy differences between the VU and FBP. In 2017 the FBP won 35.2% of the vote and the VU 33.7%.
  • FBP is the most significant source of regulation because it comes from within the glycolysis pathway.
  • Additionally, the pressure step/stability measuring principle allows measuring the true First Bubble Point (FBP), in opposition to the pressure scan method, which only permits calculation the FBP at the selected flow rates.

  • Filtered back projection (FBP) has been frequently used to reconstruct images from the projections.
  • FBP can be a marker for ovarian cancer.
  • After decades of being the second party to the Progressive Citizens' Party (FBP), the VU became the largest party in the Landtag for the first time as a result of the 1970 elections.
  • ... , FBP) is a national-conservative political party in Liechtenstein.
  • The key idea of an FBP is to promote non-price competition between booksellers in order to promote the sale of little-known, difficult or otherwise culturally interesting books rather than catering only to blockbuster readers.

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