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flowchart <FC>
Programmablaufplan {m} <PAP>
2 Wörter
Comorian franc <KMF, FC>
Komoren-Franc {m} <KMF, FC>
facilitated communication <FC>gestützte Kommunikation {f}
Faraday cup <FC>
Faraday-Becher {m}
Faraday cup <FC>
Faraday-Auffänger {m} [Faraday-Becher]
FC Cologne [1. FC Köln, Germany]
1. FC Köln {m} [kurz für: 1. Fußball-Club Köln 01/07 e. V.]
Fc receptor <FcR>
Fc-Rezeptor {m} <FcR>
fiber cement <FC> [Am.]Faserzement {m} <FZ>
fibrated cement <FC>Faserzement {m} <FZ>
fibre cement <FC> [Br.]Faserzement {m} <FZ>
fibrous cartilage <FC, Caf> [Cartilago collagenosa, Cartilago fibrosa]
Faserknorpel {m}
fibrous cartilage <FC, Caf> [Cartilago collagenosa, Cartilago fibrosa]
faseriger Knorpel {m}
fibrous cartilage <FC, Caf> [Cartilago collagenosa, Cartilago fibrosa]
fibröser Knorpel {m}
fibrous cartilage <FC, Caf> [Cartilago collagenosa, Cartilago fibrosa]
Bindegewebsknorpel {m}
fit criterion <FC> [requirements management]
Abnahmekriterium {n} <AK> [Anforderungs­management]
food chemistry <FC>
Lebensmittelchemie {f} <LC, LMC>
football club <FC> [Br.]
Fußballclub {m} <FC>
football club <FC> [Br.]
Fußballklub {m} <FC>
formal charge <FC>
Formalladung {f}
functional calculus <FC, F.C.>
Funktionskalkül {n} <FK>
3 Wörter
(animal) food consumption <FC>
Futterverzehr {m} [Futterverbrauch]
1. FC Nuremberg <1. FCN> [German football club]
1. FC Nürnberg {m} <1. FCN>
FC Bayern Munich
FC Bayern München {m}
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  • Fußballclub {m} <FC> = football club <FC> [Br.]
  • Fußballklub {m} <FC> = football club <FC> [Br.]
  • Fc-Rezeptor {m} <FcR> = Fc receptor <FcR>
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  • There is Dinare Fc, Maunatlala United, Kopung Saints, Silver Stars fc, FC Hollywood, Lotsane fc and River Stones fc.
  • Stanford now coaches at Blackburn Rovers fc Academy.
  • Choji has played for Plateau United fc of Jos,1. FC Saarbrücken and Eintracht Braunschweig in the German 2. Bundesliga.
  • An illuminance of 6400–8600 lx (600–800 fc) proved to be optimal when plants were grown under sunlight, high pressure sodium, and metal halide lamps.
  • The name "fc" is taken from the "f," which represents the fusion of Nikon's history and technology, and the "c," which represents the casual use of a camera with a classic design.

  • In 2010, Kerala's lone representatives in I-League Viva Kerala FC, Signed Britto for their youth squad from U19 Kerala Team.
  • Emeka Jude Ezeonu (born 13 September 1991) is a Nigerian international football player and features for Ifeanyi Ubah FC Nigeria.
  • In November 2016 Wedson signed for I-League giant East Bengal FC.
  • Lighting requirements for commercial spaces range from 5 fc for storage spaces to 200 fc for visually intensive work.
  • In the 2012–13 season, Nino Pasikashvili transferred to fc minsk playing in the Belarus women's first league , In the 2013–14 season, Nino Pasikashvili transferred to  FC Kharkiv playing in the Ukraine Women's first league, in 2014–16 season, Nino Pasikashvili transferred to Adana İdmanyurduspor playing in the Turkish Women's First Football League.

  • In 2017,Mohd Syamim Alif moved to Pbms(selangor united fc) and help them to promoted in Malaysia Premier league 2019.
  • In January 2005, he made his debut at a senior level with club FC Dordrecht in the Eerste Divisie which is the second-highest division of football in the Netherlands.
  • The cutoff frequency fc is obtained by solving the dispersion equation for β =0.
  • He played 39 matches for fc Zebra.
  • Bahdja deal with al nasser fc: 0.9 m$ for alwasl fc & 12k$ monthly 3 years deal until 16 May 2000 19.5k SR clause libération.

  • tryumfc.com and Facebook page www.facebook.com/pg/TryumFootballClub.
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