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brilliant blue FCF [E-133]
Brillantblau FCF {n}
functional check flight <FCF>
Werkstattflug {m}
functional check flight <FCF>
Überprüfungs­flug {m}
sunset yellow FCF [E-110]
Gelborange S {n}
sunset yellow FCF [E-110]
Sunsetgelb FCF {n}
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  • Brillantblau FCF {n} = brilliant blue FCF [E-133]
  • Sunsetgelb FCF {n} = orange yellow S [E-110]
  • Sunsetgelb FCF {n} = sunset yellow FCF [E-110]
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  • When fading is to be avoided, it is replaced with fast green FCF, which also has more brilliant color.
  • A reevaluation of Fast Green FCF published by the World Health Organization in 2017 concluded that it has low toxicity and is not carcinogenic or genotoxic, and that there were no health concerns with consumption of Fast Green FCF at the previously established allowable daily intake (which itself is much higher than estimates of actual dietary exposure to Fast Green FCF).
  • Brilliant blue FCF is extensively used as a water tracer agent.
  • Australian FCF members, particularly those in New South Wales, are encouraged to pick up "trades".
  • Diop has played for Lycée Ameth Fall in Senegal and for FCF Condéen, Orvault SF, Toulouse FC, Arras FCF and Lens in France.

  • Frey is the Vice-President of the Board of the Frey Charitable Foundation (FCF), founded in 2004. In Africa, FCF focuses on supporting outstanding social entrepreneurs in a variety of thematic areas.
  • In 1983, he joined the Federação Catarinense de Futebol (FCF) as vice president.
  • FCF is generally welcomed as a move to give Singaporeans fair consideration in jobs. However, there are calls for the FCF to be expanded to include more categories of Singaporeans.
  • Quinn Purnell Porter (born February 2, 1986) is a gridiron football running back for the FCF Beasts of Fan-Controlled Football (FCF).
  • She played for Évreux FC, CNFE Clairefontaine, FCF Hénin-Beaumont, Montpellier HSC and Paris Saint-Germain F.C. before joining FCF Juvisy.

  • May is also a part-owner of the Fan Controlled Football's (FCF) FCF Zappers.
  • FCF offers treatment programs for special inmate populations such as sex offenders and drug abusers.
  • On March 27, 2010, Finney defeated Adrienna Jenkins by Unanimous Decision at FCF 40 to advance to the finals of the FCF tournament.
  • The Fluids and Combustion Facility (FCF) accommodates the unique challenges of working with fluids and combustion processes in microgravity and provides services and capabilities comparable to those found in traditional Earth-based laboratories.
  • In March 2022, Southwick would be drafted by the FCF Zappers in the first draft of the FCF.

  • Electron density may be read into the program from ccp4 or cns map formats, though it is more common to calculate an electron density map directly from the X-ray diffraction data, read from an mtz, hkl, fcf or mmcif file.
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