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Fabry disease <FD>
Fabry-Krankheit {f}
Fabry disease <FD>
Morbus Fabry {m} <MF>
Fabry's disease <FD>
Fabry-Krankheit {f}
Fabry's disease <FD>
Morbus Fabry {m} <MF>
facial dysmorphia <FD>
Gesichtsdysmorphie {f}
familial dysautonomia <FD>
familiäre Dysautonomie {f} <FD>
fashion design <FD>
Modedesign {n} <MD>
field desorption <FD>
Felddesorption {f} <FD>
first diagnosis <FD>
Erstdiagnose {f} <ED>
flat detector <FD>
Flachdetektor {m} <FD>
focal dystonia <FD>
fokale Dystonie {f}
formation density <FD>
Formationsdichte {f} <FD>
frequency discrimination <FD>
Frequenzdiskrimination {f} <FD>
frequency doubling <FD>
Frequenzverdopplung {f}
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flat-panel detector <FD>
Flat-Panel-Detektor {m} <FD> [Flachbilddetektor, Festkörperdetektor]
polyostotic fibrous dysplasia <PFD, polyostotic FD>
polyostotische fibröse Dysplasie {f} <polyostotische FD>
polyostotic fibrous dysplasia <PFD, polyostotic FD>
Morbus Jaffé-Lichtenstein {m} [polyostotische fibröse Dysplasie]
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fibrous dysplasia (of bone) <FD>
fibröse Knochendysplasie {f} <FKD>
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factitious disorder <FD> (imposed on self) [Munchausen syndrome]
Koryphäen-Killer-Syndrom {n} <KKS> [Münchhausen-Syndrom]
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  • Farbdoppler {m} <FD> = color Doppler [Am.] <CD>
  • Farbdoppler {m} <FD> = colour Doppler [Br.] <CD>
  • Felddesorption {f} <FD> = field desorption <FD>
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  • Numerical methods are used to find the phase velocity "cp = fλ = ω/k", and the group velocity "cg" = "dω"/"dk", as functions of "d"/"λ" or "fd".
  • The Fujifilm FinePix S6500fd (fd signifying face detection), known in the United States as S6000fd, was the first digital camera from Fujifilm with face detection technology.
  • This means, to convert a RAID 1 Volume to normal data Partition it is possible to decrease the Partition size about 128kB and change the Partition ID from fd to 83 (for linux).
  • A cat with folded ears may have either one (heterozygous) or two copies (homozygous) of the dominant fold gene (Fd).
  • Structural Class I includes strains fd, f1, M13 of genus "Inovirus" as well as If1 (of ICTV's species "Escherichia virus If1", genus "Infulavirus") for which the DNA in the phage is single-stranded but topologically linear, not circular.

  • Ferredoxins (from Latin "ferrum": iron + redox, often abbreviated "fd") are iron–sulfur proteins that mediate electron transfer in a range of metabolic reactions.
  • With the reorganization of the Artillery Corps in 1974, it was decided to once again establish a medium regiment and this became the 7 Medium Regiment SAA (fd), a Citizen Force unit with its headquarters once again in Benoni.
  • There is a pairing between cusp forms "f" of weight 2 and modular symbols given by integrating the cusp form, or rather "fd"τ, along the path corresponding to the symbol.
  • and denoted fd("M"). If "M" does not admit a finite flat resolution, then by convention the flat dimension is said to be infinite.
  • Ff phages (for "F" specific "f"ilamentous phages) is a group of almost identical filamentous phage (genus "Inovirus") including phages f1, fd, M13 and ZJ/2, which infect bacteria bearing the F fertility factor.

  • Analogously, the injective dimension id("M") and flat dimension fd("M") are defined for modules also.
  • For example, for fd<<B/2, the time shift is given by.
  • The compensation capacitance C is chosen such that fd < f1.
  • The "extended ƒ-vector" is formed by concatenating the number one at each end of the ƒ-vector, counting the number of objects at all levels of the face lattice; on the left side of the vector, "f"−1 = 1 counts the empty set as a face, while on the right side, "fd" = 1 counts "P" itself.
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