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feeder distribution interface <FDI>
Kabelverzweiger {m} <KVz>
fire danger index <FDI>Brandgefahrenindex {m}
foreign direct investment {sg} <FDI>
Direktinvestitionen {pl} im Ausland
foreign direct investment <FDI>
ausländische Direktinvestition {f}
foreign direct investment stock <FDI stock>
Bestand {m} an ausländischen Direktinvestitionen
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  • It's under her presidency that the FDI launched the first “Dental Ethics Manual”. The FDI also launched conferences tackling ethics and its role in international health NGOs.
  • FDI was established in Paris in 1900. FDI’s membership includes over 200 national member associations and specialist groups in some 130 countries.
  • In 2012, Chartered Accountants Ireland launched a Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) initiative to encourage members to promote Ireland as a location for FDI business.
  • In order to implement the destination analysis of the FDI during this time frame mostly knowledge-capital model is used due to the predominant role of horizontal investments (or market-driven FDI).
  • is conscious of the need to attract more FDI to foster technology transfer, develop human capital and empower the private sector to drive economic growth.

  • In the 2019 European Parliament election the MNS presented its candidates on the lists of Brothers of Italy (FdI).
  • whose complete name is Our Land – Italians with Giorgia Meloni, is a conservative political committee led by Giorgia Meloni, leader also of Brothers of Italy (FdI).
  • There are mainly two types of FDI—Horizontal and Vertical. However, two other types of FDI have emerged—Conglomerate and Platform FDI.
  • 5% of FDI went into financial intermediaries. FDI into Latvia largely targeted on financial intermediaries (24.1%), manufacturing (11.8%), real estate (6.8%) and construction (4.2%).
  • FDI has disproportionately affected women, who frequently hold low-skill, low-paying factory jobs funded by foreign investment.

  • Capturx commercial products are produced by Field Data Integrators LLC (FDI) www.fielddataintegrators.com (formerly Adapx, Inc.), a natural user interface software company.
  • 03bn in outward FDI, creating almost 300,000 jobs.
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