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frequency modulation system <FM system>
Frequenzmodulationssystem {n} <FM-System>
frequency modulation system <FM system>
Frequenzmodulationsanlage {f} <FM-Anlage>
fibromyalgia <FM>
Fibromyalgie {f} [chron. Schmerzerkrankung]
fermium <Fm>
Fermium {n} <Fm>
FM broadcasting
UKW-Rundfunk {m}
function module <FM>Funktionsmodul {n} <FM>
foreign minister <FM>
Außenminister {m}
fluid management <FM>
Fluidmanagement {n} <FM>
field manual <FM>
Kampfvorschrift {f}
forest management <FM>
Forstmanagement {n} <FM>
foreign minister <FM>
Außenamtschef {m} [ugs.] [häufig in den Medien für: Außenminister]
facility management <FM>
Objektbewirtschaftung {f}
fisheries management <FM>
Fischwirtschaft {f}
femtometre <fm> [Br.]
Femtometer {m} {n} <fm>
femtometer <fm> [Am.]
Femtometer {m} {n} <fm>
frequency modulation <FM>
Frequenzmodulation {f} <FM>
field manual <FM>
Heeresvorschrift {f}
facility management <FM>
Liegenschaftsverwaltung {f}
fluorescence microscopy <FM>
Fluoreszenzmikroskopie {f} <FM>
function matrix <FM>
Funktionsmatrix {f} <FM>
facility management <FM>
Anlagenmanagement {n}
fan marker <FM>
Fächerfunkfeuer {n}
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  • Frequenzmodulationssystem {n} <FM-System> = frequency modulation system <FM system>
  • humanes Leukozyten-Antigen-System {n} <HLA-System> = human leukocyte antigen system <HLA system>
  • Bildverstärker-Fernseh-System {n} <BV-FS-System> = image intensifier television system <I.I. TV system>
  • Hefe-Zwei-Hybrid-System {n} <H2H-System> = yeast two-hybrid system <Y2H system>
  • On-Board-Diagnose-System {n} <OBD-System> = on-board diagnosis system <OBD system>
  • lineares zeitinvariantes System {n} <LZI-System> = linear time-invariant system <LTI system>
  • Funktionsmodul {n} <FM> = functional module <FM>
  • Femtometer {m} {n} <fm> = femtometre <fm> [Br.]
  • Funktionsmatrix {f} <FM> = function matrix <FM>
  • Flächenmanagement {n} <FM> = floor-space management
  • Femtometer {m} {n} <fm> = femtometer <fm> [Am.]
  • Fehlermanagement {n} <FM> = error management <EM>
  • Fluidmanagement {n} <FM> = fluid management <FM>
  • Fluoreszenzmikroskopie {f} <FM> = fluorescence microscopy <FM>
  • Funktionsmodul {n} <FM> = function module <FM>
  • Forstmanagement {n} <FM> = forest management <FM>
  • Fixiermittel {n} <FM> = fixing agent <FA>
  • Fermium {n} <Fm> = fermium <Fm>
  • Frequenzmodulation {f} <FM> = frequency modulation <FM>
  • Facility-Management {n} <FM> = facilities management <FM> [also facility management]
  • Frequenzmodulationsanlage {f} <FM-Anlage> = frequency modulation system <FM system>
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  • In the late 1990s it was deemed that, due to remote location, URE was allowed to use a low-power FM system.
  • For terrestrial MUSE transmission a bandwidth limited FM system was devised. A satellite transmission system uses uncompressed FM.
  • Armstrong's FM system was also used for communications between NASA and the Apollo program astronauts.
  • In September 1970 Radio Gryphon experimented with on-campus AM broadcasting and Radio Gryphon was added to Guelph cable FM system (105.7 FM).
  • Any time an FM system is coupled to a hearing aid, special settings and connections are required from an audiologist.

  • Additionally, charts are available for the top tracks by each artist in the Last.fm system as well as the top tracks for individual albums (when the tagging information of the audio file is available).
  • A BAHA can be connected to an FM system by attaching a miniaturized FM receiver to it.
  • In the US, Armstrong's FM system was designated by the FCC to transmit and receive television sound.
  • The second version, the CX5M II (or CX7M/128 in Japan), upgraded the FM system to the SFG-05, which supported MIDI input and thus allowed the internal FM synth to be played by any external MIDI keyboard.
  • Currently the VHF/FM system is being phased out and replaced with a digital communications network based on the GSM-R technology which shall also carry ETCS-Level 1 cab signalling.

  • In comparison, hearing loop systems require a greater initial investment by the facility operator, but offer greater convenience and avoid the social stigma and hygienic concerns entailed by the FM system's paraphernalia for those who have hearing aids.
  • Another (albeit relatively minor) factor in the FCC choosing the Zenith/GE system was the widespread use of vacuum tubes in radios at the time; the additional tubes for an all-FM system would have increased the size, weight, cost of and heat generated by each tuner or receiver.
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