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footnote <fn>Fußnote {f} <Fn, FN>
fat necrosis <FN>
Fettnekrose {f}
fat necrosis <FN>
Fettgewebsnekrose {f} <FGN>
fibronectin receptor <FN-R, FnR>
Fibronektin-Rezeptor {m} <FN-R, FnR> [auch: Fibronektinrezeptor]
function key <Fn key>
Funktion-Taste {f} <Fn-Taste>
National Front [French party] <FN>
Front {m} {f} National [französische Partei] <FN>
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  • Fußnote {f} <Fn, FN> = footnote <fn>
  • Fabriknummer {f} <FN> = factory number <F/N>
  • Fibronektin-Rezeptor {m} <FN-R, FnR> [auch: Fibronektinrezeptor] = fibronectin receptor <FN-R, FnR>
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  • In its early decades Victoria in Nürnberg fitted proprietary engines purchased from various manufacturers including Fafnir, FN, Minerva and Zédel.
  • More precisely, they showed that, as "n" goes to infinity, the function "fn" determined using Thurston's method from hexagonal packings of radius-1/"n" circles converges uniformly on compact subsets of "A" to a conformal map from "A" to "C".
  • Fn was used as a realtime communications channel after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake - Internet access from hard-hit Santa Cruz returned to service before reliable phone service did.
  • To deal with health problems, the vestry in the 18th century kept a pest house, (fn. ...
  • ... at 459, fn).

  • Hifn (styled "Hi/fn") was a semiconductor manufacturer founded in Carlsbad, California, in 1996 as a corporate spin-off from Stac Electronics.
  • Note that, in this example, the "fn" and "org" properties are combined on one element, indicating that this is the hCard for an organization, not a person.
  • Lebesgue presents six conditions which it is desirable that the integral should satisfy, the last of which is "If the sequence fn(x) increases to the limit f(x), the integral of fn(x) tends to the integral of f(x)."
  • Let "f" : "X" → "X" be a map of an abstract set such that each iterate "fn" has a unique fixed point.
  • Let {"fn"} be a sequence of functions analytic on a simply-connected domain "S". Suppose there exists a compact set Ω ⊂ "S" such that for each "n", "fn"("S") ⊂ Ω.

  • In particular, the limit of an equicontinuous pointwise convergent sequence of continuous functions "fn" on either metric space or locally compact space is continuous.
  • The keyboard shortcuts used for activating Exposé can be customized to be any of the function keys, the shift, control, option or command key, the fn key on Mac laptops, or even a mouse button on multiple-button mice (including Apple Mighty Mouse).
  • Together they say that if, in addition to the above conditions, the set "A" is a topological space and the functions "fn" are continuous on "A", then the series converges to a continuous function.
  • The priory was restored to the abbey of Cherbourg in 1399, but finally granted to the Carthusians of Mountgrace in 1432, (fn. 6) and confirmed to them by Edward IV of England in 1462.
  • This map sends vertices to vertices and edges to nontrivial edge-paths with the property that for every edge "e" of the graph and for every positive integer "n" the path "fn"("e") is "immersed", that is "fn"("e") is locally injective on "e".

  • When "H" is separable, one can mix the basis {"en"} with a countable orthonormal basis for the kernel of "T", and obtain an orthonormal basis {"fn"} for "H", consisting of eigenvectors of "T" with real eigenvalues {"μn"} such that [...].
  • Remark 3. If [...] , the condition that there is a dominating integrable function [...] can be relaxed to uniform integrability of the sequence ("fn"), see Vitali convergence theorem.
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