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focal nodular hyperplasia <FNH>
fokale noduläre Hyperplasie {f} <FNH>
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Übersetzung für 'FNH' von Englisch nach Deutsch

focal nodular hyperplasia <FNH>
fokale noduläre Hyperplasie {f} <FNH>med.
  • fokale noduläre Hyperplasie {f} <FNH> = focal nodular hyperplasia <FNH>
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  • Given the benign nature of FNH and the fact that they rarely progress in size or undergo malignant transformation, FNH tumors are usually managed with clinical monitoring.
  • Finicha'a hosts an airport (ICAO code HAFN, IATA code FNH) which consists of an unpaved airstrip about 1480 meters in length.
  • His follow-up "Tazza: The High Rollers", a gambling flick adapted from Huh Young-man and Kim Se-yeong's manhwa, was the second highest grossing Korean film of 2006, and producer/Sidus FNH CEO Cha Seung-jae praised Choi as "a genius storyteller for his spectacular ability to develop elaborate stories."
  • He next got a job at Sidus FNH in 1999 with his first screen credit being for "Il Mare" as an assistant director.
  • Benign neoplasm of liver include hepatic hemangiomas, hepatic adenomas, and focal nodular hyperplasia (FNH).

  • It was widely reviled by American consumers and gun writers alike as a "lawyer" safety, who said it detracted from the overall look, feel, and operation of the rifle. FNH and Winchester responded in 2003 by moving the safety to the tang behind the receiver, which largely quelled the controversy.
  • Unenhanced CT or MRI usually does not show the difference in intensity between the FNH and surrounding liver except when there is marked liver steatosis that reduces the attenuation of the liver, causing FNH to be hyperattenuating when compared with the surrounding liver.
  • The FN Special Police Rifle (FN SPR) is a bolt-action sniper rifle marketed by FNH USA, a subsidiary of the Belgian company FN Herstal.
  • The 105 mm Fd uses double (often internationally called triple) base propellants designated N in UK service instead of the single based FNH propellants favoured by the US.
  • The "Walnut" was decommissioned in 1982 and given to the Government of Honduras. She ended up as the "Yojoa" (FNH 252) for the Honduran Navy and was wrecked during Hurricane Mitch in 1998.

  • Felt, Not Heard (shortened to FNH) is an American studio company specializing in sound design, musical composition, and audio production.
  • Sidus (Hangul: 싸이더스 픽쳐스, formerly called Uno Film, Sidus and Sidus FNH) is a film production and distribution company based in Seoul, South Korea.
  • FnH uses foam and latex weapons designed for use in live role play to ensure players' safety. As an additional precaution players are asked not to aim for the head and to pull their blows.
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