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fibronectin receptor <FN-R, FnR>
Fibronektin-Rezeptor {m} <FN-R, FnR> [auch: Fibronektinrezeptor]
fast-neutron reactor <FNR>
Schneller Neutronenreaktor {m} [auch: schneller Neutronenreaktor]
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  • Fibronektin-Rezeptor {m} <FN-R, FnR> [auch: Fibronektinrezeptor] = fibronectin receptor <FN-R, FnR>
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  • This enzyme participates in photosynthesis. FNR provides a major source of NADPH for photosynthetic organisms.
  • Frazer-Nash Research Limited (FNR) was a British Research and Development company and the powerhouse of the Kamkorp Group of Companies.
  • However, the joint venture began to break down in 1999, and TNB subsequently relinquished its majority stake to FNR.
  • A Festenummer or Lease number is part of a unit in the Norwegian property register. The abbreviation is Fnr.
  • Leonid Grcev (born on 28. April 1951 in Skopje, FNR Yugoslavia) is an electrical engineer at Sts. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, North Macedonia.

  • The first is through the FNR regulon. The FNR controlled regulation of "nikABCDE–nikR" occurs at a FNR box located upstream of "nikA" at a putative NikR binding site.
  • The FNR is the first point of contact for all matters concerning renewable resources.
  • The fnr (fumarate and nitrate reductase) gene of Escherichia coli encodes a transcriptional activator (FNR) which is required for the expression of a number of genes involved in anaerobic respiratory pathways.
  • The last definite works number is FNr.238, built in 1905.
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