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friend of a friend <FOAF>Freund {m} eines Freundes
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Übersetzung für 'FOAF' von Englisch nach Deutsch

friend of a friend <FOAF>
Freund {m} eines Freundes
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  • us from accessing tribe users' FOAF data. Individuals who were users of both ex.plode.us and tribe.net lost a great deal of their network on ex.plode.us.
  • Technologies involved include Dublin Core, FOAF, DOAP, SPDX, XSD, RDFS and OWL.
  • Note how the prefix foaf is still used without declaration. RDFa 1.1 automatically includes prefixes for popular vocabularies such as FOAF.
  • Although it is a relatively simple use-case and standard, FOAF has had limited adoption on the web.
  • Tim Berners-Lee, who was an Advogato user himself, included Advogato in a short list of sites notable for their early adoption of the FOAF as a method of exporting user RDF URIs.

  • The example above describes a person, based on the FOAF (friend of a friend) ontology.
  • The WebID-TLS protocol (formerly known as FOAF+SSL) is a decentralized and secure authentication protocol built upon the profile information as well as the Transport Layer Security (TLS) client certificates available in virtually all modern web browsers.
  • Additional information about the creator of the post can be described using FOAF Vocabulary and the [...] property.
  • Examples of other generic white pages schemas include vCard, defined in [...] , and FOAF.
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