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field-programmable gate array <FPGA>
Field Programmable Gate Array {m} {n} <FPGA>
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Übersetzung für 'FPGA' von Englisch nach Deutsch

field-programmable gate array <FPGA>
Field Programmable Gate Array {m} {n} <FPGA>comp.tech.
  • Field Programmable Gate Array {m} {n} <FPGA> = field-programmable gate array <FPGA>
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  • Some devices also incorporate field-programmable gate array (FPGA) components.
  • Cong made fundamental contributions to the FPGA synthesis technology.
  • Altera's heterogeneous approach involves using a single monolithic FPGA die and connecting other die/technologies to the FPGA using Intel's embedded multi_die interconnect bridge (EMIB) technology.
  • In 2000, Actel acquired GateField which expanded Actel's antifuse FPGA offering to include flash-based FPGAs.
  • While many people put exactly one soft microprocessor on a FPGA, a sufficiently large FPGA can hold two or more soft microprocessors, resulting in a multi-core processor.

  • Numerous approaches can be taken with respect to scrubbing, from simply reprogramming the FPGA to partial reconfiguration.
  • There is a split between FPGA and ASIC synthesis tools on this structure.
  • Various publications in the fields of cryptographic analysis have proved the energy efficiency of today's FPGA technology, for example, the COPACOBANA FPGA Cluster computer consumes the same energy as a single PC (600 W), but performs like 2,500 PCs for certain algorithms.
  • The term bitstream is frequently used to describe the configuration data to be loaded into a field-programmable gate array (FPGA).
  • The process of placing and routing for an FPGA is generally not performed by a person, but uses a tool provided by the FPGA Vendor or another software manufacturer.

  • Roger Taylor developed a CoCo 3 clone, Matchbox Coco, based on the DE0-Nano FPGA board. Renamed to RealCoCo, it has been ported to other FPGA hardware.
  • The details of a specific FPGA's bitstream format (which defines how the internal elements of the FPGA are connected and interact with each other) are not usually published by FPGA vendors.
  • The FPGA Assembly (genfasm) tool will produce a programming bitstream from a VTR implementation (placement and routing of a circuit) on commercial architectures for which complete VTR architecture files describing the FPGA device have been produced.
  • The multi-die construction also allows different parts of the FPGA to be created with different process technologies, as the process requirements are different between the FPGA fabric itself and the very high speed 28 Gbit/s serial transceivers.
  • Many electronic projects include electronic logic in an FPGA.

  • Stratix is a brand of FPGA products developed by Intel, Programmable Solutions Group (former Altera). Other current FPGA product lines include e.g. Agilex, Arria and Cyclone families.
  • Audio interfaces with SoundGrid by integrating a SoundGrid-programmed FPGA (Xilinx Spartan 3) into a mixing console's I/O ports.
  • One of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks in FPGA prototyping is debugging system designs.
  • Basically Embedded Supercomputing is a hybrid network of CPU and FPGA hardware, where FPGA acts as external co-processor to CPU.
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