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French franc {m} <FRF, FF, Fr, F>
französischer Franc {m} <FRF, FF, Fr, F>
French franc {m} <FRF, FF, Fr, F>
französischer Franken {m} [seltener für: französischer Franc] <FRF, FF, Fr, F>
frequency response function <FRF>
Übertragungs­funktion {f}
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  • französischer Franc {m} <FRF, FF, Fr, F> = French franc {m} <FRF, FF, Fr, F>
  • französischer Franken {m} [seltener für: französischer Franc] <FRF, FF, Fr, F> = French franc {m} <FRF, FF, Fr, F>
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  • VoFR uses two sub-protocols, FRF.11 and FRF.12. FRF.11 defines the frame format of VoFR, and FRF.12 is used for packet fragmentation and reassembly.
  • At the time of opening, the trip to Paris took ten hours and cost 22.85 FrF for a third class ticket and 41.55 FrF for a first class ticket.
  • Alexandru Terheș (born 25 July 1960) is a Romanian former football player, who currently works for FRF.
  • From 1996, the track of the LGV Sud-Est was renewed at a cost of FRF 2 billion, or about €300 million.
  • The Court awarded the applicant 50,000 FRF for non-pecuniary damages (Article 50) and 70,000 FRF towards his legal costs.

  • On 1 June 1995 the exchange rate had dropped to 1 FRF = 777 MGF.
  • The first president of the FRFA was the lawyer Aurel Leucutia (1930-1933), who has the merit of having organized the first unitary championship of the first division (1932-1933), states the website of the Romanian Football Federation, www.frf.ro.
  • The players in the winning team received FRF 35,000 each in prize money. The players in the second placed team received FRF 22,500 each.
  • After the final tournament of the world championship, FRF aligned with the world practice and decided to award 3 points for the victory, instead of 2 points as before.
  • Later, FRF announced that the SuperCup will be played at Ilie Oană Stadium in Ploiești.

  • Two flight readiness firings (FRF) were performed on Big Joe 1.
  • In February 2014, it was announced that Mihail officially left his role with the FRF, just before the election of a new president for the Romania Football Federation (FRF) .
  • Note: Converted to euro on 1 January 1999 at €1 = FRF 6.55957. Values prior to the currency reform of 1 January 1960 are shown in new francs or FRF worth 100 old francs.
  • He had to resign, after being sentenced on July 6, 2000, to 1 year imprisonment with suspended sentence and 50.000 FRF (7500 €) fine because of Electoral fraud.
  • The frequency response function (FRF) of any linear dynamic system composed of many coupled components will in general display distinctive resonance-antiresonance behavior when driven.

  • The floating-point unit consists of the floating-point register file (FRF) and the F-box.
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