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  • This approach assumes the universe is well described by a Newtonian-perturbed FRW metric, but it makes no other assumptions about the distribution of the lensing mass.
  • The FRW universe – which is believed to be a good model for our universe – is generally "not" asymptotically flat.
  • Describing the mutual motion of the test particles in a null geodesic congruence in a spacetime such as the Schwarzschild vacuum or FRW dust is a very important problem in general relativity.
  • Only spacetimes which model an isolated object are asymptotically flat. Many other familiar exact solutions, such as the FRW models, are not.
  • In this case, application of a rotating electric field at frequency results in the plasma spinning up to the applied frequency, namely fE = fRW (cf. ...

  • The Federation of Rural Workers of Ireland (FRW) was a trade union representing agricultural workers in Ireland.
  • By looking at an equivalent scalar-tensor theory, Biswas, Mazumdar and Siegel (2005) looked at bouncing FRW solutions.
  • Later that year, the company introduced the FRW-1, the all-weather, waterproof version of the FRX-1.
  • The terminal phase has an ever-expanding FRW metric in which the average energy density goes to zero.
  • Four months later in Rochester, he sought to regain the FRW Heavyweight title but lost to then-champion Sethoran.

  • The FRW Granite State Championship was a secondary professional wrestling championship defended in Front Row Wrestling.
  • The Rwandan franc (sign: FRw, and possibly RF or R₣; ISO 4217: RWF) is the currency of Rwanda. It is subdivided into 100 centimes.
  • The branch would junction from Warren Station before making its way through Swansea and Somerset; the Slade's Ferry Bridge would exclusively carry the FRW&P line.
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