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facial vein <FV> [Vena facialis]
Gesichtsvene {f}
femoral vein <FV> [Vena femoralis]
Oberschenkelvene {f}
forward voltage <Vf, VF, FV>
Flussspannung {f} <Vf, VF>
fringe visibility <FV> [interference visibility]
Interferenzkontrast {m}
front view <FV>
Aufriss {m}
fuel vehicle <FV>
Kraftstofffahrzeug {n} [auch: Kraftstoff-Fahrzeug]
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  • The semilattice Conc FV(Ω) does not satisfy WURP, for any set Ω of cardinality at least ℵ2 and any non-distributive variety V of lattices.
  • "Kickers" have played in three different home grounds through their history beginning with Galgenberg, also known as Kugelfang, for two years sharing the ground with local rivals Würzburger FV (formally known as FV 04 Würzburg).
  • Rudwaleit continued as a youth coach at FV Erkner 1920 after retiring as a football player. He then became the coach of the first team FV Erkner 1920.
  • It shares the same common Alvis six-wheel-drive chassis and other components with the FV 601 Saladin armoured car and FV 603 Saracen armoured personnel carrier.
  • There are two highways on the island: FV-1 and FV-2. The FV-1, together with the FV-2, is part of the major construction project of the north–south motorway on Fuerteventura.
  • The supporters of Schweinfurt 05 maintain a traditional friendship with the fans of Würzburger FV. They have a distinct hostility with fans of Würzburger FV's local rival FC Würzburger Kickers.
  • On 2 March 1952 "Cactus" provided assistance to FV "Dorothy" and FV "Mary" 20 miles south of Nantucket, MA.
  • The Olympus Pen F, Pen FT and Pen FV are very similar half-frame 35 mm single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras with interchangeable lenses produced by Olympus of Japan between 1963-1966 (Pen F), 1966-1972 (Pen FT) and 1967-1970 (Pen FV).
  • Soccer in the Australian state of Victoria is organised by Football Victoria (FV). FV is a member of the national Football Australia.
  • The following is a partial listing of FV ("fighting vehicle") numbers as used by the British Army. Some vehicles do not have FV numbers (e.g. the AS-90).
  • FC 1900 Frankenthal later became VfB 1900 and merged with FV Palatia 1902 to form FV 1900/02.
  • The 1949–50 season saw five new clubs promoted to the league, FV Kuppenheim, FV Lahr, SV Trossingen SV Hechingen and TV Ebingen. The division was disbanded at the end of the season.
  • Spelling with dt, fv and hv is now commonly known as "old spelling" ("gammalstavning").
  • Svend Foyn Bruun Sr. (H-FV); Hans Kristian Sørensen Kaldager (H-FV); Nils Jacob Schjerven (H-FV); and Richard Nilsen Tvedten (Bp).
  • The [...] ("fv"; English: Specialist book publisher Leipzig) was an East German publisher. It continues to exist as an imprint of the Munich publishing firm Carl Hanser Verlag.
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