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forward {adv} <fwd, fwrd, fw>vorwärts <vw>
forwarded {adj} <FW> [email]
weitergeleitet <WG> [E-Mail]
femtowatt <fW>
Femtowatt {n} <fW>
flash welding <FW>
Abbrennschweißen {n}
forwarded message <fwd / FWD message, fw / FW message>
weitergeleitete Nachricht {f}
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  • Feldwebel {m} <Fw> = sergeant <Sgt>
  • Femtowatt {n} <fW> = femtowatt <fW>
  • Fertigstellungswert {m} <FW> [DIN 69901] = earned value <EV>
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  • On 13 October 2007, the 192d FW was reactivated in a ceremony held at the 27th Fighter Squadron, Langley AFB.
  • On 13 October 2007, the 192nd FW was reactivated in a ceremony held at the 27th Fighter Squadron, Langley AFB.
  • The 37th FW was a senior organization to the 49th FW, and initially it was announced that the 49th FW would be inactivated and the 37th would become the new host unit at Holloman.
  • The FW is user-serviceable, by using a DCA-510 or a DCA-500 datacable, it is possible to upgrade to the newest FW, which is found on the official BenQ-Siemens site.
  • On 10 April 1942 he claimed a Focke-Wulf Fw 190 damaged, and on 3 June 1942 he claimed a Fw 190 shot down over Le Havre.

  • The 169 FW flies the F-16 Fighting Falcon, a single-seat multi-purpose fighter with the capability to fly at up to twice the speed of sound.
  • Some of them have been sculpted by Bob Olley (it is confirmed that "FW 8 Dwarfs", "FW 5 Urucks" and "FW 9 Ogres" have been designed by him).
  • On December 5, he was flying as wingman to the flight leader on a mission northwest of Berlin when his squadron encountered 80 Focke-Wulf Fw 190s that were attempting to attack a formation of B-24 Liberators.
  • In contrast, the ANNEAL option finds the global maximum of the fractional improvement, fw, and performs a controlled, iterative random walk across the fw surface.
  • At the Paris Air Show in 1963, the Fw 260 design was joined by a model of the Fw 300, a short-haul variant of the Fw 260.

  • *ppw becomes the labiovelarized aspirate *phw in Proto-North but this has weakened in all languages to fw or hw, specifically hw in Jawe.
  • File:TS sold out picture fw.jpg|Coastal Carolina's Brooks Stadium uses a teal turf.
  • With no more than two Fw 190s left in the cover flight he had attacked, Whisner turned his attention to the main enemy formation, exploding a Fw 190 that had not dropped its belly tank.
  • Gruppe attacked the bombers. Fw. Reschke claimed one B-24 and one P-51 over Göttingen, Ofw.
  • The Fw 190 was thought to be Fw 190A-5 Wrk Nr 2511 of 6./SKG 10, flown by "Oberleutnant" Josef Keller.

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