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forward {adv} <fwd, fwrd, fw>vorwärts <vw>
forwarded message <fwd / FWD message, fw / FW message>
weitergeleitete Nachricht {f}
falling weight deflectometer <FWD>
Fallgewichtseinsenkungs­messgerät {n}
food waste disposer <FWD>Küchenabfallzerkleinerer {m} <KAZ>
forward-wheel drive <FWD>
Vorderradantrieb {m}
free working distance <FWD>Arbeitsabstand {m} [Mikroskopie]
front-wheel drive <FWD>
Frontantrieb {m}
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  • The fuselage of the EG was a welded steel tube truss with duralumin skinning on the fwd fuselage back to the rear of the engine compartment.
  • • New FWD Record 1:45.320 Infineon Raceway – Sonoma, CA.
  • Combat Logistics Regiment 17 began on 2 August 1992 at Camp Pendleton as 1st Force Service Support Group Forward (1st FSSG FWD).
  • Some contend that slipping the clutch is the best way to launch a front-wheel drive (FWD) car as it prevents torque steering that many FWD cars experience when too much power is put to the front wheels.
  • Ford offered the 2013 MKZ with three powertrains: a 240-horsepower EcoBoost 2-liter four-cylinder (FWD or AWD), a 300-horsepower 3.7-liter V6 (FWD or AWD), and a hybrid system based on the 2-liter power plant.

  • At the start of production the 399 was available with a 12 fwd 4 rev synchromesh gearbox until 1991 when a 12 fwd 12 rev shuttle gearbox was introduced.
  • 3-litre version came as manual FWD, with the 1.5-litre manufactured in FWD form with both manual and automatic transmission, or as a manual transmission AWD via viscous coupling.
  • In 1963, FWD acquired Seagrave Fire Apparatus who then moved from their old location in Columbus, Ohio, to their current location at FWD in Clintonville, Wisconsin.
  • 5 L FWD HSC I4, the 3.0 L FWD/RWD Vulcan V6, and the 3.8 L FWD Canadian Essex V6.
  • Though the pre-3800 rear-wheel drive (RWD) V6 uses the Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac (BOP) bellhousing pattern, an oddity of both the front-wheel drive (FWD) and RWD 3800 V6 is that although it is a 90° V6, it uses the GM 60° V6 bell housing (Metric Pattern).

  • The two-piece crankcase is split in the plane of the cylinder centres, with the forward half supporting the fwd crank /prop-shaft bearing and the rear half housing the rear bearing, induction rotor, cam drives and accessories.
  • These generated so-called fwd template and rev templates are now amplified in a PCR reaction with a pre-defined mixture of phosphorothioate and standard nucleotides to ensure an even distribution of inserted mutations over the full length of the gene.
  • The Renault 12 is a mid-size family car introduced by French automaker Renault at the Paris Motor Show in October 1969 but the R12 had a very different layout from Renault's existing fwd models.
  • The main goals of FWD.us, as outlined by Zuckerberg in "The Washington Post" op-ed and described on the FWD.us website as well as the FWD.us website their names did not appear on the FWD.us site at launch.
  • All the cars were SEAT Leon FWD.

  • Socially, it was the FWD company that employed Luella Bates, believed to be the "first female truck driver", chosen to work as test and demonstration driver for FWD, from 1918 to 1922.
  • John Doerr was also listed as one of the founders of FWD.us in April 2013 [...].
  • With the decrease in size, fuel economy with the 3.6L increases to [...] city, [...] hwy (AWD and FWD) from [...] city [...] hwy (FWD). The 2017 Acadia will offer the newly launched AppShop feature.
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