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full width at half maximum <FWHM>
Halbwertsbreite {f} <FWHM>
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Übersetzung für 'FWHM' von Englisch nach Deutsch

full width at half maximum <FWHM>
Halbwertsbreite {f} <FWHM>math.MedTech.stat.
  • Halbwertsbreite {f} <FWHM> = full width at half maximum <FWHM>
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  • In 2006 the SLS-FEMTO facility came into operation: By interaction of a high energy (4 mJ), short pulse (50 fs fwhm) laser pulse with the electron beam in a wiggler magnet, a thin "slice" of the electron beam is modulated in energy.
  • In the case of a homogeneous, isotropic system, the quality is proportional to the FWHM.
  • The device scans between 443 and 910 nm FWHM, depending on the objective of the measurement.
  • 4° diameter FWHM areas. 22 days of data was cut.
  • The corresponding area within this FWHM accounts to approximately 76%.

  • By adding a source monochromator and increasing the energy resolution of the electron analyzer, peaks appear with full width at half maximum (FWHM) less than 5–8 meV.
  • This implies that a pulse with a wider FWHM will spread more than a pulse with a narrower FWHM.
  • Finesse, the ratio of the FSR to the FWHM at the resonant wavelength, gives the wavelength selectivity of the cavity.
  • SLEDs exhibit a large spectral width even at the highest power levels so that corresponding FWHM values of the visibility less than 20 μm are easily achieved.
  • A possible criterion for selecting the NIR window is given by the FWHM of the inverse of these spectra as shown in Figure 7.

  • The width of the photoluminescence peak represents the heterogeneity in size dispersion of the quantum dots, where a large size dispersion will lead to broad emission peaks, and tight size-dispersion will lead to narrow emission peaks, often quantified by the full width at half maximum (FWHM) value.
  • Flight times of ions to the orbitrap were mass dependent, but for a given mass, ions were injected in bunches less than 100 nanoseconds wide (fwhm).
  • On the territory of the Assy-Turgen observatory, the average FWHM value is <2 ″, which is considered the best astroclimatic conditions in Kazakhstan.
  • It is a similar measurement to full width at half maximum (FWHM), but is more robust measurement [...] especially for stars out of focus.
  • Finally, the product of the peak height and the FWHM is constant and equals [...] , in the [...] limit. For the first few peaks where [...] is not large, this is just the [...] limit.

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