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fragile X syndrome <FXS>
Fragiles-X-Syndrom {n} <FXS>
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Übersetzung für 'FXS' von Englisch nach Deutsch

fragile X syndrome <FXS>
Fragiles-X-Syndrom {n} <FXS>med.
  • Fragiles-X-Syndrom {n} <FXS> = fragile X syndrome <FXS>
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  • A voice interface card or VIC is a hardware interface that simulates a FXS on a router or network switch. This device port is used to interface telephone voice or other audio-based FXS devices.
  • An FXS interface is any interface that functions like a standard telephone line jack on the wall.
  • It includes 2 USB ports for disk and printer sharing, 2 FXS ports to connect standard phones, Wi-Fi on/off button, and 4 ethernet ports.
  • Metformin is considered a long-term treatment of macroorchidism due to its relationship with FXS.
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is found in the majority of males with FXS and 30% of females, making it the most common psychiatric diagnosis in those with FXS.

  • Currently, there are three routes to determine molecular structure from its corresponding FXS data.
  • In a FXS animal model (Fmr1 knockout mouse model), metadoxine treatment improved behavioral impairments of learning, memory, and social interaction and reversed the overactivation of the biomarkers Akt and extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK) in blood and brain of juvenile and adult mice.
  • The PSTN interface is often either duplicated as, or can act as, connections for both a foreign exchange station (FXS) and a foreign exchange office (FXO).
  • Also, D/FxS-01-D to D/FxS-99-D and D/FxS-01-S to D/FxS-99-S (x is the second letter, D till Z) will not be used; and this also for D/FSD-01-B till D/FSD-99-Z and D/FSS-01-B till D/FSS-99-Z for the same reason.
  • The 8GR-FXS is a [...] version. Bore and stroke is [...] with a compression ratio of 13.0:1.

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