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Fabry-Pérot interferometer <FP interferometer>
Fabry-Pérot-Interferometer {n} <FP-Interferometer>
Fabry-Pérot laser <FP laser>
Fabry-Pérot-Laser {m} <FP-Laser>
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  • Fabry-Pérot-Interferometer {n} <FP-Interferometer> = Fabry-Pérot interferometer <FP interferometer>
  • Fabry-Pérot-Laser {m} <FP-Laser> = Fabry-Pérot laser <FP laser>
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  • The FabryPérot interferometer uses interference between multiple reflections.
  • Each individual longitudinal mode has some bandwidth or narrow range of frequencies over which it operates, but typically this bandwidth, determined by the "Q" factor of the cavity (see FabryPérot interferometer), is much smaller than the intermode frequency separation.
  • Sometimes FabryPérot interferometers have to be adjusted in length to pass a given wavelength.
  • In optics, a FabryPérot interferometer (FPI) or etalon is an optical cavity made from two parallel reflecting surfaces (i.e.: thin mirrors).
  • The optical filtering devices used have conventionally been etalons (stable solid-state single-frequency FabryPérot interferometers in the form of thin-film-coated optical glass).

  • It is very similar to 100BASE-FX but achieves longer distances up to 4-5 km over a pair of multi-mode fibers through the use of FabryPérot laser transmitter running on 1310 nm wavelength.
  • Imaging Michelson spectrometers are a possibility, but in general have been supplanted by imaging FabryPérot instruments, which are easier to construct.
  • Lasers use optical cavities in the form of a pair of facing mirrors, which constitute a FabryPérot interferometer.
  • This difference means that LISA cannot use high-finesse FabryPérot resonant arm cavities and signal recycling systems like terrestrial detectors, limiting its length-measurement accuracy.
  • Nanowire lasers are nano-scaled lasers with potential as optical interconnects and optical data communication on chip. Nanowire lasers are built from III–V semiconductor heterostructures, the high refractive index allows for low optical loss in the nanowire core. Nanowire lasers are subwavelength lasers of only a few hundred nanometers. Nanowire lasers are Fabry–Perot resonator cavities defined by the end facets of the wire with high-reflectivity, recent developments have demonstrated repetition rates greater than 200 GHz offering possibilities for optical chip level communications.

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