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Fessan {m} [auch Fezzan]
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Fessan {m} [auch Fezzan]geogr.
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  • Mohieddin Fikini was born in Fezzan in 1925. In 1929, the Italians launched their offensive against Fezzan, so his father left Fezzan with his family for Algeria via Ghat, and at last reached Tunisia, and chose to live at Gabès.
  • For much of the Libyan civil war, Cyrenaica was largely under the control of the National Transitional Council while Tripolitania and Fezzan remained under Gaddafi's government control.
  • Under Ottoman rule (1578–1912) Murzuk was at times the capital of Fezzan, and enjoyed a long period of prosperity.
  • It ruled over Zawila and the surrounding oases in the Fezzan region from 918/919 until 1172-1177 The instability created by Qaraqush was exploited by the Kanem, who under the reign of Dunama Dabbalemi had seized control of the Fezzan, establishing a new capital at Traghan, a few miles west of Zawila.
  • Awlad Muhammad (or Ouled Muhammed) was a tribe that ruled over the Fezzan region from 1550 to 1812.

  • In 1942, he commanded the main unit of the Leclerc Column in the Fezzan, and gave the following instructions to his European troops: "the natives of Fezzan are our future citizens...
  • The Fortress was built by the Ottoman Turks’ Empire during their rule of Tripoli and Fezzan, and it destroyed by the Italian colonialists who occupied the city in 1913.
  • He obtained information from one of the sharifs, who had travelled as factor in the slave-trade for the king of Fezzan, by trading a copy of a map of Africa for accounts of Fezzan, the Bornou empire, and Nigritia.
  • Barca and Fezzan had the same units as units in Tripoli.
  • Fezzan issued a few revenues in the 1950s. There were types inscribed "Rev. Stamp" or "Impot du Timbre".

  • Sabun eventually invaded Dar Tama, supported by twenty-two musketeers from the Fezzan, Tripoli and Benghazi.
  • He was chosen as the second-in-command in Fezzan by the Libyan Revolutionary Command Council.
  • Ghadduwah is a Saharan desert oasis town in the Fezzan region of southwest Libya.
  • Finally Fezzan acquired independence under Awlad Muhammad dynasty after Kanem rule.
  • Aikhenvald & Militarev (1984) and Blench (2006) consider Sokna and Fezzan to be separate languages. Blench lists Tmessa and Al-Foqaha as dialects of Fezzan.

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