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NOUN   a flamingo | flamingos / flamingoes
Flamingos {pl}
flamboyance of flamingos
Flamingokolonie {f}
A Morning for Flamingos [James Lee Burke]
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  • Flamingos {pl} = flamingos
  • Flamingos {pl} = flamingoes
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  • The park has an interpretative centre, a walkway through a Bagá forest, a Taíno village and fauna exhibits (crocodiles, iguanas, flamingos and Cuban hutias).
  • The Palaelodidae – an extinct family of peculiar "swimming flamingos" – are believed to be the closest relatives of the modern flamingos, with the extinct genus "Juncitarsus" slightly more primitive than the clade which contains flamingos and grebes (Mirandornithes).
  • Flamingos are capable flyers, and flamingos in captivity often require wing clipping to prevent escape.
  • Although still relatively long, the legs of "Palaelodus" were not nearly as elongated as those of modern flamingos.
  • Secretions of the uropygial gland of greater flamingos ("Phoenicopterus roseus") contain carotenoids, organic pigments which give flamingos their pink colour.

  • "Phoenicopterus novaehollandiae" likely behaved and foraged much like modern flamingos, being a stilt-legged wading bird according to Miller.
  • The study also indicated that these flamingos may be increasing in population and reclaiming their lost land.
  • Hurricane Irma directly affected a major colony of American flamingos on Cuba's northern Cayo Coco.
  • Laguna de Guayatayoc is home to large populations of different varieties of flamingos, including James's flamingos, Andean flamingos and Chilean flamingos.
  • The Caribbean Pink Flamingos exhibit shows flamingos in a natural outdoor lake setting.

  • For over 50 years Zoo Basel had its flamingo breeding program and hatched over 400 flamingos.
  • The flamingos feed from the bottom layer of the lake for small particles, mainly diatoms.
  • Greater flamingos feed on brine shrimps ("Artemia"), worms and tiny crustaceans, while the lesser flamingos feed on algae; all are plentiful in the warm shallow waters of salt pans.
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