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NOUN   a foyer | foyers
SYNO antechamber | anteroom | entrance hall | ...
foyer [entrance hall]
Eingangshalle {f}
foyer [Am.] [in a private home]
Diele {f}
foyer [Br.]
Empfangshalle {f} [bes. Hotel]
foyer [esp. Am.]
Vorsaal {m} [auch regional] [Diele]
Foyer {n}
Wandelhalle {f} [Foyer]
2 Wörter
bank foyer
Bankfoyer {n}
hotel foyer
Hotelhalle {f}
hotel foyer
Hotelfoyer {n}
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  • Foyer {n} [eines Theaters, Hotels etc.] = lounge [in a hotel, theatre, etc.]
  • Foyer {n} = lobby [cinema, etc.]
  • Foyer {n} = foyer
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The Waterfront Place foyer is regularly used for art exhibitions.
  • The foyer has been designed for comfort, based on behavioural research on opera goers maximizing the wall area for standing against, while still providing views across the entire foyer and one of the best views on Copenhagen.
  • The foyer staircase crosses the mezzanine hallway and continues to the balcony, which is two stories above the entrance foyer.
  • The south wall of the entrance foyer leads to a promenade foyer, which is as wide as the auditorium itself.
  • The access link from the foyer building (shared with the QEH) is through a massive sculpted concrete casing, visible from outside the entrance to The Hayward, near the overhead bridge.

  • Inside the glazed entrance doors, the entrance foyer has a marble dado to doorhead height and a high plaster ceiling with broad cornice.
  • The King's Building Foyer regularly displays free exhibitions in foyer display cases.
  • The wall at the back of Screen One was moved into the auditorium approximately 10 feet (3m), meaning a reduced capacity but a larger foyer.
  • The foyer was reached via concrete steps from the street, but had not yet been enclosed with glass doors.
  • The foyer and offices accessed from the foyer, beyond the Memorial room, have more simple detailing with timber skirting and picture rail.

  • The building originally had a very small main foyer area with cast aluminium doors similar to those of the Queen Elizabeth Hall.
  • The foyer is a flexible split-level. Located in the foyer are the café and an open space with the hub of the centre's three other functional zones. These zones then links to the outside plaza space.
  • The vestibule was subdivided with the cinema entrance on the left side, with a single staircase up to the grand foyer, its walls covered with white and black Italian marble, and a new grand foyer replaced the circle foyer, featuring a red coloured ceiling with several domes, lit with white concealed lighting.
  • The chapel has a common foyer with two specific chapels: Anglican/Protestant Denominations and Catholic.
  • The foyer contains the original organ that was placed in the alcove. The device that ran the organ was located in a room directly underneath the foyer and the pipes ran upward behind the tapestries.

  • Inside, the foyer executes a visual trick. The auditorium is set at a different angle to the façade by roughly 25 degrees.
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