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French namesfranzösische Namen {pl}
namesNamen {pl}
trade namesMarkennamen {pl}
girls' names
Mädchennamen {pl}
weekday namesWochentagsnamen {pl}
personal namesPersonennamen {pl}
month namesMonatsnamen {pl}
street namesStraßenbezeichnungen {pl}
proper names
Eigennamen {pl}
English namesenglische Namen {pl}
first namesVornamen {pl}
brand namesMarkennamen {pl}
letter names
Buchstabennamen {pl}
boys' namesJungennamen {pl}
German namesdeutsche Namen {pl}
sb. namesjd. benennt
assumed namesDecknamen {pl}
naming namesNamensnennung {f}
generic namesGattungs­namen {pl}
to name namesNamen nennen
babies' namesBabynamen {pl}
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  • Thus the French names of the Voeren municipality and villages will no longer be used on place-name signs, traffic signs and by municipality and other governments in official documents.
  • French "voyageurs" roamed the area in the early 18th Century, giving French names to many of the waterways and other local sites.
  • In 1961, when the Quebec Government decided to give French names to northern settlements, the name Great Whale River was replaced with Grande-Baleine which itself was replaced a year later with Poste-de-la-Baleine.
  • In this district, many townlands have English or French names, the latter associated with Norman influence in England.
  • In the other official language of German, monarchs are usually referred to by their French names.

  • "The New York Times" lamented the name changes, noting that the new names had "somewhat doubtful nomenclature", and that the City's "Aldermen like French names" but gave no rationale for the moves otherwise.
  • Today, his name is one of the few remaining French names in the streets of Ho Chi Minh City (others being Yersin, Alexandre de Rhodes, Pasteur).
  • In the mid-20th century, descendants began to reclaim their French names, especially surnames.
  • In addition, modern Vietnamese pronunciations of French names remain directly derived from the original French pronunciation ("Pa-ri" for Paris, "Mác-xây" for Marseille, "Boóc-đô" for Bordeaux, etc.), whereas pronunciations of other foreign names (Chinese excluded) are generally derived from English pronunciations.
  • Baudin still circumnavigated and extensively mapped the Island in 1802, giving French names to some localities which are still in use today like "Phoques Bay" on the north-west coast.

  • Both "crème caramel" ("caramel cream") and "flan" are French names, but "flan" has come to have different meanings in different regions.
  • "Esclaves" remains incorporated in the French names of these geographical features, since the French traded with the Cree before the English did.
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