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French period [European period under French hegemony, 1794–1815]
Franzosenzeit {f} [Europäische Epoche unter französische Herrschaft, 1794–1815]
Early Cycladic period <EC period>
frühkykladische Epoche {f}
Middle Bronze period <MB period>
Mittelbronzezeit {f} <MB-Zeit>
Französisch {n}
French {adj}welsch [veraltet] [pej.] [französisch]
French bread
französisches Brot {n}
French Sudan
Französisch-Sudan {n} [selten {m}] [meist ohne Artikel]
French chalkSchneiderkreide {f}
French-Canadian {adj}frankokanadisch
French-Canadian {adj}kanadisch-französisch
French Canadian
Frankokanadier {m}
French cuff
Umschlagmanschette {f} [am Hemd]
French dressing
French Dressing {n} [Salatsoße]
French heel
Louis-XV-Absatz {m} [Damenschuh]
French pastry
gefülltes Gebäckstück {n}
Anglo-French {adj}anglonormannisch
French curveKurvenlineal {n}
French polishSchellackpolitur {f}
French Swiss
Welscher {m} [schweiz.]
French dictionary
Französischwörterbuch {n}
French horn
Horn {n} [Waldhorn]
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  • It successively came under control of the Traite de Tadoussac (French period), King's Posts (English period), the North West Company (1802), and the Hudson's Bay Company (1821).
  • is a 1996 French period drama film directed by Patrice Leconte and starring Charles Berling, Jean Rochefort, Fanny Ardant and Judith Godrèche.
  • The site is marked by Fort Salé, a remaining earthworks fortification from the French period of occupation, about 1617.
  • In 1792, as a result of the French Revolution and the seizure of power by Napoleon, French troops once again invaded the territories west of the Rhine and annexed them during the French period.
  • During the French period the Confucian-oriented education system was slowly being replaced with a localised version of the French education system.

  • Although the Catholics enjoyed religious freedom during the French period in 1795–1814, their emancipation did not take place until later.
  • Ringleaders of rebellions were often shot dead by firing squad during the French period, with perhaps the most notable examples being Dun Mikiel Xerri and other patriots in 1799.
  • During the French period, widespread malnutrition and brutality from the 1880s until Japan invaded in 1940 created deep resentment that fueled resistance to post-World War II military-political efforts by France and the US.
  • Cologne lost its status as a free city during the French period.
  • "Cyrano de Bergerac" is a 1990 French period comedy-drama film directed by Jean-Paul Rappeneau and based on the 1897 play of the same name by Edmond Rostand, adapted by Jean-Claude Carrière and Rappeneau.

  • In Liliane de Kermadec's return to feature film, the French period road movie "La Piste du télégraphe" (...) (1994), Chaplin played John alongside Elena Safonova's Lisa Alling.
  • The church stands for over two centuries to mark the beauty of the architecture during the French period – a good place to visit for the historians and tourists alike.
  • Salt production dates back to the French period and the tradition of its making is almost unchanged after nearly two centuries.
  • The modern Gendarmerie Nationale of the Republic of Senegal therefore traces its origins to the spahis, and the Red Guard still wears the burnous, fez and red tunic of the French period.
  • Under Austrian rule, it housed the Sovereign Council of Brabant before being used as a courthouse during the French period.

  • Mohanlal depicted a Kathakali artist whose personal life is a tragedy in the 1999 Indo-French period drama "Vanaprastham", produced by him and directed by Shaji N.
  • He is probably best known for his 1887 nude "Une fleur" ("A Flower"), which he created during his French period and which received attention in various reviews and publications during his lifetime.
  • The Abitibi Post lay halfway between trading posts on James Bay and those on the Ottawa River and was in continuous existence throughout the French period.
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