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NOUN   a French polish | French polishes
SYNO French polish | French polish shellac
to French-polish sth.etw. mit Schellackpolitur behandeln
French polishSchellackpolitur {f}
French polishFranzösische Politur {f}
polishVerfeinerung {f}
to polishpolieren
polishPoliermittel {n}
polishPolitur {f}
to polishputzen [Schuhe]
polishPutzmittel {n} [zum Polieren, z. B Möbelpolitur]
Polnisch {n}
polishGlanz {m}
to polishwichsen [Schuhe]
polishSchliff {m}
polishEndschliff {m} [Schliff bei Schmucksteinen]
to polishglätten
to polishabschleifen
Polish {adj}polnisch <poln.>
shoe polishSchuhcreme {f}
micro polishFeinstpoliermittel {n}
to polish sth.etw. auf Hochglanz bringen [Oberfläche]
Polish notation
Präfixschreibweise {f}
Polish notationpolnische Notierung {f}
non-Polish {adj}nichtpolnisch
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  • his court here and welcomed the French, Polish and Swedish ambassadors he had successfully invited to negotiate with them.
  • The road was originally a track opened up by Napoleon to provide a direct route to Madrid. In 1808 this led to the Battle of Somosierra between French-Polish and Spanish forces.
  • The 1991 French/Polish film, "La double vie de Véronique" (Polish: "Podwójne życie Weroniki"), directed by Krzysztof Kieślowski and starring Irène Jacob, explores the mysterious connection between two women, both played by Jacob, who share an intense emotional connection in spite of never having met one another.
  • Thiessen's work has been translated into several languages including German, French, Polish and Hebrew.
  • "Cassandra" has been translated into German, French, Polish, Italian and Romanian.

  • On 20 October 1939 the three Polish cryptologists resumed work on German ciphers at a joint French–Polish–(anti-fascist) Spanish radio-intelligence unit stationed at Gretz-Armainvilliers, forty kilometers northeast of Paris, and housed in the Château de Vignolles (code-named "PC Bruno").
  • The French-Polish Rail Association finished construction of the Polish Coal Trunk Line between Bydgoszcz and Gdynia in 1933.
  • Captain Braquenié attended, with French Major Gustave Bertrand and another French Army officer, the 9–10 January 1939 Paris meeting of French, Polish and British military intelligence officers convened to discuss progress (none had occurred in France or Britain) on decryption of German Enigma ciphers.
  • WorldCat participating libraries report holding editions in French, Polish, and Hebrew languages, published in the 1990s.
  • His books have been published in French, Polish, and Japanese, and several of his books have had separate printings in Great Britain.

  • Above all, however, he focused on translating from French, Polish and Russian.
  • Carl Gustav Fleischer coordinated Norwegian, French, Polish and British forces in the recapturing of Narvik on 28 May from Maj.
  • Until recent advances in technology, shellac (French polish) was the only glue used in the making of ballet dancers' pointe shoes, to stiffen the box (toe area) to support the dancer en pointe.
  • In the vicinity of the temple complex a bakery dated to the First Intermediate Period was discovered by the French-Polish expedition from the Institut français d’archéologie orientale (IFAO) and the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw.
  • As a consequence all the tables of measurements in the German, Dutch, French, Polish and all other manuals elsewhere on the European continent for the composition caster and the super-caster are different in quite some details.

  • ... 17 November 1857 – 29 October 1932) was a French-Polish professor of neurology.
  • By allusion to the biblical Benjamin, in French, Polish and Spanish, "Benjamin" ("benjamin"/ "beniamin"/"benjamín", respectively) is a common noun meaning the youngest child of a family, especially a particularly favoured one (with a similar connotation to "baby of the family").
  • In 2008, a French-Polish construction company took on the task of renovating the stadium to become more modern.
  • In World War I the castle was used as a prisoner of war camp ("Oflag") for French and Russian officers.
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