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G flat major
Ges-Dur {n}
G sharp major <G♯ major>
Gis-Dur {n} <Gis, G♯>
G major <G>
G-Dur {n} <G>
G flat <G♭>
Ges {n} <G♭>
piece in G major
Stück {n} in G-Dur
G flat minor
ges-Moll {n}
G double flat <Gbb>
Geses {n}
D flat major
Des-Dur {n}
F flat major
Fes-Dur {n}
E flat major
Es-Dur {n}
C flat major
Ces-Dur {n}
B flat major
B-Dur {n}
A flat major
As-Dur {n}
A flat major scale
As-Dur-Tonleiter {f}
mass concentration <g/L, g/dL, γ, p>
Massenkonzentration {f} <g/l, g/dl, β, p> [Formelzeichen: β, p; Einheit (Beispiel): g/l, g/dl]
Big G [coll.] [(Newtonian) gravitational constant] <G>
(Newton'sche) Gravitationskonstante {f} <G>
mass ratio <g/g, ζ>
Massenverhältnis {n} <g/g, ζ> [Formelzeichen: ζ; Einheit (Beispiel): g/g]
mass fraction <w, g/g>
Massenprozent {n} <Gew.-%, % (w/w)> [ugs.] [Massenanteil]
main gauche {adv} <M.G., m.g.> [used as a direction in keyboard music]
mit der linken Hand
G and T <G & T> [a drink of gin and tonic (water)]
Gin Tonic {m}
G minor <g, Gm>
g-Moll {n} <g, Gm>
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  • According to the sheet music published at musicnotes.com, "The Little Things" is composed in the key of G major (recorded a half step lower in G-flat major).
  • The music focuses on variant forms of the mediant with concomitant contrast of sharp and flat key areas—in this case F major, F-sharp minor and G-flat major.
  • B.6, or Polonaise in G-flat major, was the final polonaise that was published posthumously.
  • This piece is polytonal and alternates often between G and G-flat major/F-sharp major, but eventually ends with a plagal cadence in G major.
  • The song is set in the key of G-flat major albeit every following verse modulates to the key of A major.

  • Its relative major is F-sharp major (or enharmonically G-flat major).
  • Its direct enharmonic, G-flat major, contains the same number of flats in its key signature.
  • Other classical music adaptations include "Questions" from the 1976 album "The Roaring Silence" (which is based on the main theme of Franz Schubert's Impromptu in G flat Major), "Solar Fire is in Earth, the Circle, Pt.
  • It starts off in the key of E Major, but has a key change after the first chorus to F Major and another at the end of the bridge to G-flat Major.
  • The chorus comes back, and then a variation of the chorus barre chord progression on a phased guitar is played by itself, this time with just D flat major, G flat major and E major with occasional glissando slides between the chords.

  • The Prelude in G-Flat Major, Op. 23 No. 10 is a 1903 composition by Sergei Rachmaninoff. It is part of Rachmaninoff's Ten Preludes, Op. 23.
  • ... ", the Adagio in G-flat major).
  • It is a jaunty acoustic singalong that closes the album's standard edition and was composed in G-flat major with a tempo of 88 beats per minute and a time signature of [...].
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