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G for George
G wie Gustav
G as in George [Am.]
G wie / für Gustav
Saint George's Day <St George's Day, St. George's Day> [April 23]
Georgstag {m}
Saint George's Day <St George's Day, St. George's Day> [April 23]
Georgitag {m}
Saint George's Day <St George's Day, St. George's Day> [April 23]
Georgi {m} [ugs.] [Georgitag]
for example {adv} <e.g.>beispielsweise <bspw.>
for example {adv} <e.g.>beispielhalber
for example {adv} <e.g.>beispielshalber
for example {adv} <e.g.>zum Exempel [veraltend] <z. E.>
for example {adv} <e.g.>zum Beispiel <z. B.>
G for Golf [NATO phonetic alphabet]
G wie Golf [NATO-Buchstabiertafel]
mass concentration <g/L, g/dL, γ, p>
Massenkonzentration {f} <g/l, g/dl, β, p> [Formelzeichen: β, p; Einheit (Beispiel): g/l, g/dl]
Big G [coll.] [(Newtonian) gravitational constant] <G>
(Newton'sche) Gravitationskonstante {f} <G>
mass fraction <w, g/g>
Massenprozent {n} <Gew.-%, % (w/w)> [ugs.] [Massenanteil]
mass ratio <g/g, ζ>
Massenverhältnis {n} <g/g, ζ> [Formelzeichen: ζ; Einheit (Beispiel): g/g]
main gauche {adv} <M.G., m.g.> [used as a direction in keyboard music]
mit der linken Hand
G and T <G & T> [a drink of gin and tonic (water)]
Gin Tonic {m}
G minor <g, Gm>
g-Moll {n} <g, Gm>
grams per liter [Am.] <g/l, g/L>
Gramm {pl} pro Liter <g/l, g/L>
G major <G>
G-Dur {n} <G>
G sharp <G♯>
Gis {n} <G♯>
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  • G for George is an Avro Lancaster Mk. I bomber, squadron code AR-G and serial number "W4783", operated by No.
  • The squadron was subsequently re-established on 2 July at a ceremony held in front of G for George at the Australian War Memorial.
  • Most of the trips were uneventful although squadron records do show that Warrant Officer Francis flying Lancaster "B for Baker" and Flying Officer Leigh flying "G for George" both had to land at Marseille in France due to engine failure, on 19 August 1945 and 5 September 1945 respectively.
  • ... g. "G for George"). In general, when an aircraft is lost or withdrawn from use, its call sign has been applied to its replacement or another aircraft.
  • As a result, the Memorial's collection of World War II memorabilia was inferior to that assembled during and after World War I, and many of its best-known items such as the bomber G for George were acquired as donations from the Government rather than through Treloar's efforts.

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