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G-forceAndruck {m}
mass concentration <g/L, g/dL, γ, p>
Massenkonzentration {f} <g/l, g/dl, β, p> [Formelzeichen: β, p; Einheit (Beispiel): g/l, g/dl]
Big G [coll.] [(Newtonian) gravitational constant] <G>
(Newton'sche) Gravitationskonstante {f} <G>
mass ratio <g/g, ζ>
Massenverhältnis {n} <g/g, ζ> [Formelzeichen: ζ; Einheit (Beispiel): g/g]
mass fraction <w, g/g>
Massenprozent {n} <Gew.-%, % (w/w)> [ugs.] [Massenanteil]
main gauche {adv} <M.G., m.g.> [used as a direction in keyboard music]
mit der linken Hand
G and T <G & T> [a drink of gin and tonic (water)]
Gin Tonic {m}
G minor <g, Gm>
g-Moll {n} <g, Gm>
grams per liter [Am.] <g/l, g/L>
Gramm {pl} pro Liter <g/l, g/L>
G sharp <G♯>
Gis {n} <G♯>
G flat <G♭>
Ges {n} <G♭>
G major <G>
G-Dur {n} <G>
German appropriateness evaluation protocol (criteria) <G-AEP, G-AEP criteria>
G-AEP-Kriterien {pl} [auch nur G-AEP]
National Basketball Association Gatorade League <NBA Gatorade League, NBA G League, G-League>
NBA Gatorade League {f} <NBA G League, G-League>
G sharp major <G♯ major>
Gis-Dur {n} <Gis, G♯>
G sharp minor <G♯ minor>
gis-Moll {n} <gis, Gism, G♯m>
gluon <g>
Gluon {n} <g>
gram <g>
Gramm {n} <g>
Stringtanga {m}
Minislip {m}
G string
G-Saite {f}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The use of autonomous fighters and bombers to destroy enemy targets is especially promising because of the lack of training required for robotic pilots, autonomous planes are capable of performing maneuvers which could not otherwise be done with human pilots (due to high amount of G-force), plane designs do not require a life support system, and a loss of a plane does not mean a loss of a pilot.
  • This eventually forced severe g-force limits until a solution could be found.
  • For biological macromolecules and cell organelles like ribosomes, the sedimentation rate is typically measured as the rate of travel in a centrifuge tube subjected to high g-force.
  • In the analysis of random vibrations, units of "g"2 Hz−1 are frequently used for the PSD of acceleration, where "g" denotes the g-force.
  • G-LOC, or g-force induced loss of consciousness, is a special case of ischemic hypoxia which occurs when the body is subjected to high enough acceleration sustained for long enough to lower cerebral blood pressure and circulation to the point where loss of consciousness occurs due to cerebral hypoxia.

  • The g-force associated with an object is its acceleration relative to free-fall.
  • On April 21, 2001, Brown appeared on ESPN as an expert on g-force loading on the human body that led to the cancellation of the Firestone Firehawk 600 CART race.
  • Standard "g"-force protection is provided by the "full-cover anti-"g" trousers" (FCAGTs), a specially developed "g" suit providing sustained protection up to nine "g".
  • The Ganassi team also competed in the 2000 Indianapolis 500 of the rival Indy Racing League series using a G-Force chassis and a Comptech-tuned Oldsmobile Aurora engine.
  • The G-Force team themselves would use a combination of martial arts skills, ninja-like weapons, and their "cerebonic" powers to dispatch hordes of enemy soldiers and overcome other obstacles.

  • Gastonia's two roller derby teams are the G*Force (senior team) and Mini*Gs (junior team). Bouts take place at Kate's Skating Rink on Hudson Blvd.
  • When Georgi Shonin demonstrated an unacceptable level of g-force susceptibility in the centrifuge he was replaced by Komarov in May 1962 for planned dual Vostok missions.
  • More sophisticated systems allow for more information such as lateral and longitudinal acceleration (g-force), throttle position, steering wheel position and brake pressure.
  • All require the presence of an environment which experiences g-force (proper acceleration).
  • To use the AMBER force field, it is necessary to have values for the parameters of the force field (e.g. ...

  • He also was involved in an animation project, and provides the Romanian voice of the federal agent in the Disney movie “G-Force”.
  • The tilted seat can accommodate taller pilots and increases "g"-force tolerance; however, it has been associated with reports of neck ache, possibly caused by incorrect head-rest usage.
  • As a train (or other vehicle) rounds a curve at speed, objects inside the train experience centrifugal force.
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