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guanine-cytosine content <GC-content>
Guanin-Cytosin-Gehalt {m} <GC-Gehalt>
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Übersetzung für 'GC-content' von Englisch nach Deutsch

guanine-cytosine content <GC-content>
Guanin-Cytosin-Gehalt {m} <GC-Gehalt>biol.
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  • The GC content is 46%. Trophozoites have a ploidy of four and the ploidy of cysts is eight, which in turn raises the question of how "Giardia" maintains homogeneity between the chromosomes of the same and opposite nuclei.
  • The (low G + C) Bacillota, have a 45–60% GC content, but this is lower than that of the Actinomycetota.
  • Most organisms display a strong bias in the types of mutations that occur with strong influence in GC-content.
  • As the 5′ UTR has high GC content, secondary structures often occur within it.
  • In molecular biology and genetics, GC-content (or guanine-cytosine content) is the percentage of nitrogenous bases in a DNA or RNA molecule that are either guanine (G) or cytosine (C).

  • The GC content is high (80%) and distinct TATA and CCAAT motifs are lacking.
  • The total genome size is estimated to be 580 MB, and the GC content was calculated as about 43.85%.
  • Distribution of stop codons within the genome of an organism is non-random and can correlate with GC-content.
  • Human housekeeping gene promoters are generally depleted of TATA-box, have high GC content and high incidence of CpG Islands.
  • Researchers compare traits such as karyotype (chromosome number), genome size, gene order, codon usage bias, and GC-content to determine what mechanisms could have produced the great variety of genomes that exist today (for recent overviews, see Brown 2002; Saccone and Pesole 2003; Benfey and Protopapas 2004; Gibson and Muse 2004; Reese 2004; Gregory 2005).

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