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SYNO GCA | ground-controlled approach
glycocholic acid <GCA>
Glykocholsäure {f} <GCA>
glycocholic acid <GCA>
Glycocholsäure {f} <GCA>
giant cell arteritis <GCA> [Arteriitis temporalis]
Riesenzellarteriitis {f} <RZA>
giant cell arteritis <GCA> [Arteriitis temporalis]
Riesenzellenarteriitis {f} <RZA>
giant cell astrocytoma <GCA>
Riesenzellastrozytom {n} <RZA>
ground controlled approach <GCA>
bodenkontrollierter Anflug {m}
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  • Glycocholsäure {f} <GCA> = glycocholic acid <GCA>
  • Glykocholsäure {f} <GCA> = glycocholic acid <GCA>
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  • GCA has attacked the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (SSAA), a federated group of shooting sport clubs with over 180,000 members at 2015, as "extremist" and "pro-violence".
  • IMPACT's involvement with ITU began in 2008 when it was named as the physical home of ITU's Global Cybersecurity Agenda (GCA).
  • Clarke contributed to the early application of GCA.
  • Strengthened by the independent vision and reach of the IGC banner, Garden Centers of America, LLC, operates independently as a separate entity under the GCA name.
  • Both DAS editions are suitable for evaluation of intellectual giftedness, and high scores are accepted as qualifying evidence for high IQ societies such as Intertel (min. GCA 135 on DAS-II) and American Mensa (min.

  • A-PION is caused by an inflammatory disease called giant cell arteritis (GCA).
  • CQUniversity graduates were ahead of the national rate for graduate full-time employment according to figures compiled by Graduate Careers Australia (GCA).
  • On the 9 May 2016 GCA Savvian Corporation signed an agreement to merge with Altium Capital (also known as Altium Corporate Finance Group).
  • He is currently the Managing Director of Group Colleges Australia (GCA), a company that has raised public and private funding to develop distance education using the Internet.
  • In 1980, Golfsmith established the Golf Clubmakers Association (GCA) to support and guide the growing number of clubmakers around the world.

  • Although these compensatory effects favour emotional intelligence, GCA still remains as the best predictor of job performance.
  • Membership is open to all individuals 18 years or older who own or occupy residential real property in Glyndon. GCA also has an "emeritus" membership which is limited to past members of GCA who no longer qualify as a regular member and whose request for Esuch status has been approved by GCA.
  • To improve air traffic control, which would be critical as the number of flights grew, the newly developed ground-controlled approach radar system (GCA) was flown to Europe for installation at Tempelhof, with a second set installed at Fassberg in the British Zone in West Germany.
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