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Alderney <.gg> [channel island]
Alderney {n}
ganglioglioma <GG>
Gangliogliom {n}
gigagram <Gg>
Gigagramm {n} <Gg>
Guernsey <.gg>
Guernsey {n}
Sark <.gg> [channel island]
Sark {n}
2 Wörter
Good game! <GG>
Gutes Spiel!
grin grin <gg>
grins grins <gg> [doppeltes Grinsen]
gamma globulin <GG>
Gammaglobulin {n} <GG>
Gasser's ganglion <GG> [ Ganglion trigeminale, Ganglion semilunare] [also: Gasser ganglion]
Ganglion Gasseri {n} <GG>
Gasserian ganglion <GG> [Ganglion trigeminale, Ganglion semilunare]
Gasser-Ganglion {n} <GG>
generic goal <GG>
generisches Ziel {n}
geniculate ganglion <GG> [Ganglion geniculum, Ganglion geniculi nervi facialis]
Fazialisganglion {n}
good governance <GG>
Good Governance {f} <GG>
4 Wörter
the Bailiwick of Guernsey <.gg>
die Vogtei {f} Guernsey
14 Übersetzungen
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  • Gammaglobulin {n} <GG> = gamma globulin <GG>
  • Geschäftsgebiet {n} <GG> [organisatorische Einheit] = business unit <BU>
  • Gigagramm {n} <Gg> = gigagram <Gg>
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  • Standard tuning is G2+G2 – D3+D3 – G3+G3 – B3+ – E4 (GG – dd – gg – b – e in Helmholtz pitch notation), although there are many other string arrangements and tunings.
  • Section 3 of article 79 GG expressly prohibits only amendments of articles 1 and 20, which suggests that article 102 can in principle legally be amended or repealed under article 79.
  • 133 gg. The Seventh Voyage of Sindbad.
  • rhamnosus" GG (ATCC 53103) is able to survive the acid and bile of the stomach and intestine, is claimed to colonize the digestive tract, and to balance intestinal microbiota, evidence suggests that "L.
  • je and .gg first appeared on the Internet in August 1996 after Jon Postel agreed with Nigel Roberts to add four codes (GG and JE, and IM and AC) to the IANA list of TLDs.

  • Interferometric techniques have been used to observe GG Tauri Ab, the lower-mass component of the central system.
  • 1. Welsh Family history. TA Welsh is my gg-grandfather.
  • It is important to remember to set "gg" (the "great-grandparent" of x) to now point to x after any splay operation. If "gg" is null, then x obviously is now the root and must be updated as such.
  • In 1996 he founded the Island Networks group of companies, including CHANNELISLES.NET, the registry operator of the .gg and .je top level domains for Guernsey and Jersey.
  • Since mid-2018, George Danzer is the CEO of the agency inSight gg GmbH, which specializes in individual influencer marketing on the Twitch and Youtube platforms.

  • Originally chair was in Kholmogory (1682–1762 gg.), The first head of the Diocese – St. Athanasius (Lyubimov) (March 1682 – September 1702).
  • Class-one verbs with short roots exhibit gemination of the final stem consonant in certain forms. Geminated ⟨f⟩ appears as ⟨bb⟩, and that of ⟨g⟩ appears as ⟨gg⟩.
  • Vlasov background Waldenberg B. A brief sketch of the Catholic movement in the Far East (1925-1935 gg.) - / / The Catholic Herald. - Harbin, 1935, № 1. - P.5.
  • Union catalog of periodicals and serials in libraries of the Russian diaspora in Moscow: 1917-1996 gg. M. ROSSPEN, 1999.
  • William Chatterton, Frank Sugg, William Cropper, GG Walker and James Disney played first class matched for other teams during the season.

  • "Spriggan" is a dialect word, pronounced with the grapheme <gg> as /d͡ʒ/, sprid-jan, and not sprigg-an, borrowed from the Cornish plural ' 'spirits'.
  • Gemination affects the quality of certain consonants, turning semivowels and fricatives into stops; in particular, geminated "ɣ" becomes "qq", geminated "y" becomes "gg", and geminated "w" becomes "bb".
  • Gadu-Gadu (Polish for "chit-chat"; commonly known as GG or gg) is a Polish instant messaging client using a proprietary protocol.
  • Brigg railway station serves the town of Brigg in North Lincolnshire, England.
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