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geranyl pyrophosphate <GPP>
Geranylpyrophosphat {n} <Geranyl-PP, GPP>
general-purpose processor <GPP>
Mehrzweckprozessor {m}
general-purpose processor <GPP>
Universalprozessor {m}
general-purpose processor <GPP>
Allzweckprozessor {m} [auch: Allzweck-Prozessor]
gross primary production <GPP>
Bruttoprimärproduktion {f} <GPP>
gross primary productivity <GPP>
Brutto-Primärproduktivität {f}
governance & / and public policy {sg} <GPP>
Staatswissenschaften {pl}
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  • Bruttoprimärproduktion {f} <GPP> = gross primary production <GPP>
  • Geranylpyrophosphat {n} <Geranyl-PP, GPP> = geranyl pyrophosphate <GPP>
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  • Based on the pharmaceutical care and licensed pharmacists system, the CNMA under the auspices of government and membership units, consulted the "International Good Pharmacy Practice for Developing Countries" and the "Standards for Quality of Pharmacy Services" and GPP documents of other countries available to constitute the Good Pharmacy Practice and Evaluation Standards of GPP especially for community pharmacies.
  • Condensation of IPP and dimethylallyl diphosphate (DMAPP) yields geranyl diphosphate (GPP).
  • Hotels and restaurants contributed 1.025 billion baht (US$33 million) or one percent of GPP, with a workforce numbering 37,255 (7.8%).
  • Later he joined the Gujarat Parivartan Party (GPP) founded by the former chief minister Keshubhai Patel in 2012.
  • Established in 1999, the GPP assists students entering the workforce or graduate school after graduation.

  • But Rane' strategy did not succeed and his promise of expanding the Cabinet after the Budget Session in March 1990 was shattered as a group of seven MLAs led by Speaker Barbosa split from the Indian National Congress to christen itself as the Goa People's Party (GPP).
  • Where GPP is gross primary productivity and Rproducer is photosynthate (Carbon) lost via cellular respiration.
  • The Gambian People's Party (GPP) was a political party in the Gambia.
  • Shortly after his death, Bucksbaum was succeeded as chairman and CEO of GPP by his brother Matthew Bucksbaum.
  • After the FSLN's defeat at the battle of Pancasán in 1967, it adopted the "Prolonged Popular War" ("Guerra Popular Prolongada", GPP) theory as its strategic doctrine.

  • Murray Rothbard developed the GPP (Gross Private Product) and PPR measures.
  • Meanwhile, flying aboard "Atlantis" was the GPP payload which consisted of two experiments – the GPP experiment and the Photogrammetric Appendage Structural Dynamics Experiment (PASDE).
  • President of GPP Gordhan Zadafia announced merger of GPP with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on 24 February 2014.
  • There are several main disciplines of daily fantasy sports competitions, divided into two categories: cash games, and guaranteed prize pool (GPP).
  • Sometimes all or any of GPP is referred to as von Zumbusch psoriasis, but in the literature it is often distinguished as one specific form of GPP.

  • Upon forming IPP and DMAPP, the diterpene GGPP is formed by via head-to-tail addition by an Sn1 mechanism.
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