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Gepids {pl} [members of a east germanic gothic tribe]
Gepiden {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'Gepids' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Gepids {pl} [members of a east germanic gothic tribe]
Gepiden {pl}hist.
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  • Cunimund (died 567) was the last king of the Gepids, falling in the Lombard–Gepid War (567) against the Lombards and Pannonian Avars.
  • The Gepids were defeated by the Lombards and Avars a century later in 567, when Constantinople gave no support to them.
  • The area was inhabited by Gepids, as evidenced by the Treasure of Someșeni which was discovered in 1963.
  • In 536, Sirmium was placed under the control of the Gepids.
  • Gothic Christianity refers to the Christian religion of the Goths and sometimes the Gepids, Vandals, and Burgundians, who may have used the translation of the Bible into the Gothic language and shared common doctrines and practices.
  • After the disintegration of Attila's empire, Transylvania was inhabited by the remnants of various Hunnic, and a Germanic tribe, the Gepids.
  • The territory changed hands between the Gepids and Langobards multiple times before both were expelled by the Avars.
  • Ostrogotha also fended off a challenge from the kinsfolk of the Goths, the Gepids, under the leadership of their king Fastida.
  • The conflicts were initiated in 568, after the Avars arrived in Pannonia, and claimed all the former land of the Gepids and Lombards as their own.
  • Gepida is a Hungarian manufacturer of bicycles established in 1996. It takes its name from the Gepids, an East Germanic tribe.
  • The archeological reserve “Kamienne Kręgi” near the towns of Odry and Miedzno consists of 12 mysterious stone circles and 20 burial mounds, which are remains from Goths and Gepids.
  • When the treaty expired, Audoin attacked the Gepids and Thurisind was crushed in the decisive battle of the Asfeld held west of Sirmium.
  • They were probably designed to protect the Iazyges, a Sarmatian tribe that inhabited the Tisza plain and had been reduced to tributary status by Constantine, from incursions by the surrounding Goths and Gepids.
  • In the Middle Ages, it was ruled by the Hunnic Empire, the Kingdom of the Gepids, the Avar Empire, the Bulgarian Empire and the Kingdom of Hungary.
  • Rosamund ([...] 572) was a Lombard queen. She was the daughter of Cunimund, king of the Gepids, and wife of Alboin, king of the Lombards.
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