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German-French border
deutsch-französische Grenze {f}
German-French friendship
deutsch-französische Freundschaft {f}
German-French studies
deutsch-französische Studien {pl} <DFS>
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  • In Europe, his greatest success was "Sandokan", the saga of a romantic Southeast Asian pirate during British colonial times, an Italian-German-French TV series which broke viewership records across Europe.
  • "Querelle" is a 1982 West German-French English-language arthouse film directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder and starring Brad Davis, adapted from French author Jean Genet's 1947 novel "Querelle of Brest".
  • Hans Peter Wilhelm Arp (16 September 1886 – 7 June 1966), better known as Jean Arp in English, was a German-French sculptor, painter, and poet. He was known as a Dadaist and an abstract artist.
  • Recently, Bulgarian has borrowed many words from German, French and English.
  • He spoke German, French, and Latin, which was rare at that time for nobles.
  • Axel (also "Aksel") is a Scandinavian, German, French, and Dutch masculine given name.
  • English) and the channel's local language (German, French, or Italian, according to the location).
  • The 2017 Austrian-German-French film "Vor der Morgenröte" ("Stefan Zweig: Farewell to Europe") chronicles Stefan Zweig's travels in the North and South Americas, trying to come to terms with his exile from home.
  • It was multi-lingual supporting English, German, French and Hebrew.
  • Several machine code versions of a mini PILOT were produced for the microcomputers of the time and a school in Scotland developed an interactive foreign language tutorial where pupils guided footprints around a town asking and answering questions in German, French, etc.
  • While the official languages are Catalan and Spanish, other major languages like English, Italian, German, French and Dutch can also be heard extensively in the summer due to mass tourism.
  • Three railway stations—those of the German, French and Swiss networks—lie within the city (although the Swiss (Basel SBB) and French (Bâle SNCF) stations are actually in the same complex, separated by Customs and Immigration facilities).
  • The four national languages of Switzerland are German, French, Italian and Romansh.
  • (German-French high school). In January 2014 the Saarland state government announced its aim of making the region fully bilingual in German and French by 2043.
  • The federal government is obliged to communicate in the official languages, and in the federal parliament simultaneous translation is provided from and into German, French and Italian.
  • While it is now required that all school students learn Latvian, schools also include English, German, French and Russian in their curricula.
  • Milli Vanilli was a German-French R&B duo from Munich.
  • the myth of the "Venusberg" (German; French "Mont de Vénus", "Mountain of Venus") – a subterranean realm ruled by Venus, hidden underneath Christian Europe – became a motif of European folklore rendered in various legends and epics.
  • Between 1870 and 1918, Alsace was annexed by the German Empire in the form of an imperial province or Reichsland, and the mandatory official language, especially in schools, became High German.
  • ... born Rosemarie Magdalena Albach; 23 September 1938 &ndash; 29 May 1982) was a German-French actress.
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